Ketogenic diet: a study confirms its effectiveness … But in small doses

Ketogenic diet: a study confirms its effectiveness ... But in small doses

The ketogenic diet, which consists of eating certain fats and limiting sugars, in order to lower insulin levels, has been part of the diets in vogue for several years.

If the positive effects of the short-term ketogenic diet have already been demonstrated, in the long term, this type of diet could have negative effects. This is what a study by American researchers at Yale University (United States) reveals.

Their work, published in the journal Nature Metabolism, highlight the positive effects of the ketogenic diet: diabetes prevention and rapid weight loss are some of the objectives of this method, which favors lipids over carbohydrates.

But American scientists, who have carried out tests on mice, warn of the long-term consequences of this diet. Vishwa Deep Dixit and his team observed that these positive effects did not last over time, and that the opposite effect could even occur when one continued to take this diet for a longer period of time.

“When the mice continued to follow this high-fat, low-carbohydrate diet for more than a week, they consumed more fat than they burned, they lost the fat-protective gamma delta T cells and tended to develop diabetes and obesity, explain the authors of the study.

The ketogenic diet would therefore be of interest for metabolism, but abusing it would not be a good idea.

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