Keto Diet: what is this diet that melts the stars?

Keto Diet: what is this diet that melts the stars?

Yes, avocado and duck breast! No to sweets and pasta. A formula that sums up the ketogenic diet or “Keto diet” in English or “high fat low carb”. Explanation from Olivia Charlet, nutritionist and author of “The 100% hypotoxic ketogenic diet” (Leduc.S edition) : “the idea is to limit insulin levels as much as possible: a hormone, whose secretion is stimulated by the consumption of sugars, which increases the storage of fat and prevents it from burning. To compensate for the low intake sugars, the body is forced to produce ketones (ketones = ketones in English) which will serve as an alternative fuel to the brain and other organs, hence the term “ketogenic”. And to develop these bodies ketones, the body can use all the fats it has at its disposal, those of meals as well as those that are in reserve. Hence a massive destocking effect if, in addition to rationing the sugars, we limit the intake calorie “.

Keto is first and foremost a healthy diet

Appeared in the early 1920s, some doctors advised him in very specific pathologies such as epilepsy in order to reduce seizures. But it was far from unanimous! Today, it has gained popularity thanks to the “zero sugar” trend and to the stars who are flooding social networks with photos of their famished bodies. Some, like Kourtney Kardashian, swear by the avocado / banana smoothie. Others, like Gwyneth Paltrow, promote it on their site. With the help of success, there are now all kinds of keto diets, from the strict to the flexible, each one adapting it to its sauce, hence the risk of following a completely unbalanced diet.

Keto Diet: there are a lot of bans

The ketogenic diet seems permissive since we can eat red meat, fatty fish, avocados, butter, cream, vegetable oils including the famous coconut oil (choose organic, specifies Olivia Charlet), key to arch of the diet … And these are the foods that are highlighted, especially on the Web, when we talk about Keto. However, the prohibitions are often overlooked. Their list is long, which makes the diet difficult to follow in the long term if one is not hyper rigorous:

. Carbohydrates (white sugar, honey, sodas, pastries, pastries …)

. Almost all fruits, except the poor in carbohydrates but which must be consumed in moderate quantities such as berries (raspberries) or citrus fruits (oranges, lemons).

. Legumes (lentils, white beans …)

. Cereals (rice, wheat, buckwheat …)

. Bread, pasta

. Root vegetables (sweet potatoes, parsnips, squash, etc.).

The risks of the Keto Diet if you are not rigorous

. Initially, you may experience discomfort (headache, fatigue, nausea), the time the body adapts to the lack of glucose and succeeds in producing energy from fat.

. Cutting out certain food categories can lead to deficiencies, especially in fiber, vitamins and minerals.

. Consuming too many products of animal origin is harmful to health (chronic inflammation, increased risk of cancer, including that of the colon). Reason why Olivia Charlet recommends to follow a hypotoxic ketogen which is without excess of meat and without dairy products, which estimates the expert, is “much healthier for health”.

The ketogen is not a miracle diet. Its goal may be to lose weight. But, it aims above all to set up a new way of nourishment in the long term. Because the change is quite radical compared to what we usually consume. And it’s not easy in the long run. Olivia Charlet also advises to be followed by an expert trained in ketogenic nutrition to support this change and even more, of course, if we adopt this dietary mode for health reasons.

Keto Burn: not to be confused with Keto Diet

Food supplement companies are riding the Keto wave, a magic word that sells. Especially since stars tout their diet pills based on raspberry ketones on their social networks. Hence the confusion … The best known: Keto Burn (Keto for ketosis, Burn to burn), Keto Burn Fit, Premium Pure Keto, Keto Fit … E-commerce sites recommend their products to “people who have started a ketogenic diet because they help the body to go into ketosis. Taking keto tablets during your meals and your sports training is the new effective way to start a diet because raspberry ketones help to reach the goals of weight loss by using fat as fuel. “

Keto Diet: are food supplements useful?

According to Olivia Charlet, “the only interesting supplements in the ketogenic diet are TCM oils, especially C8 (or a mixture C8 and C10), because they are medium chain fatty acids. Hence the interest of coconut oil, which is made up of half of these precious MCTs. TCM C8 oil can increase the production of ketones, which is important in neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or epilepsy. Ketones being the preferred fuel for the brain … TCM C8 oils are anti fungal, antiviral and anti bacterial therefore act on the rebalancing of the intestinal flora and also avoid cravings. They are also interesting in weight loss and also for athletes. “In practice, the expert suggests consuming them every day in the form of a fatty drink. For example, in the morning a matcha green tea, a chicory with hot water and a dose of TCM (2 teaspoon teaspoon of TCM oil), to be renewed during the day to avoid cravings and help maintain ketone production “.

Raspberry ketones: what interest in the Keto Diet?

The ketogenic expert further specifies that “at the therapeutic level can be used exogenous ketones (ketone ester in particular) but that has nothing to do with raspberry ketones which have nothing to do with the ketones produced either by the body and which, in any case, will never boost the production of ketone bodies and help to obtain the benefits of a ketogenic diet. ” In short, all this is still very complicated, right? So if you have to remember only one thing, it is that the ketogenic diet is much more complex than it seems and that if you want to adopt it, do it in the rules of the art. Consult a specialist who will guide you safely on the road to change. Keto is not a simple diet, it’s a whole state of mind!

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