Kamasutra: the complete guide to sexual positions

Kamasutra : le guide complet des positions sexuelles

The Kamasutra, the Indian book of all pleasures written thousands of years ago, is the supreme guide to sex. The book lists all the acrobatics that lead to seventh heaven (and orgasm). History, list of positions and practical advice, here is everything you always wanted to know about Kamasutra.

The Kamasutra, literally “the aphorism of desires”, is considered to be the manual of sexual relations. Missionary, doggy style, andromache, lotus, 69, spoon, amazon … It is over the pages of this millennial book that the positions we love to test under the duvet are revealed. Good news to all those who have always loved to do somersaults: one of the lessons of the book is that Love is learned through practice. Hop on to work!

There are five classic sexual positions from kamasutra. But just because they are accessible and seems ordinary does not mean that they provide pleasure. Sometimes having sex in a comfortable position, warm in bed, is just as pleasant and it can lead to orgasm! So if one of them is your preferred position, that’s great, there is nothing to blush about! Tour of horizons.

  • The missionary : you lie on your back, spreading your legs and your partner lies down facing you and on you. Then it enters you. This position is very simple but also very intense. You can raise your legs more or less to test different angles of penetration. The missionary is generally very appreciated during the first sexual intercourse because it is easy to access and allows the two partners to discover each other without pressure.
  • The 69 : this position is based on the practice of oral sex. In other words, while your partner gives you cunnilingus, you give him fellatio. A position that rhymes with sharing!
  • Andromache : the andromache is an inverted missionary. This time, you are on your partner and you go back and forth thanks to a series of small bounces. And it is better to be on a bed so as not to have knee pain. In any case, the advantage of this position is that you dominate the situation. You are mistress of your pleasure !
  • Doggy style : here we are… ! This position would therefore be preferred by the French. Your partner stands behind you while you are on all fours. The bestial character of the greyhound accentuates the pleasure.
  • The spoon : do not forget this position of kamasutra, which is wrongly perceived as a “very quiet” position dedicated to pregnant women. To make a spoon, nothing could be simpler: you lie on your side, your partner does the same by settling behind you and in the same direction. It’s romantic and fusional!

If you want to go further, dare positions of the kamasutra more original!

  • The lock : as the name suggests, you form a padlock. You sit on a table, buttocks at the edge, and your man, standing, enters you. Your legs surround it and trap it. With a little pressure in the calves, you can even bring your man back towards you for a deeper penetration.
  • The lotus : this position of the kamasutra is original… because it is very soft and very tender! Your partner sits cross-legged on the bed or on the sofa, and you come to wrap him by settling on him. One against the other, eye to eye… It’s beautiful! A declaration of intense love !
  • The Amazon : imagine that you are riding on horseback but keeping both legs on the same side. In short, your man sits down (or lies down, in some cases), and you place yourself on him but in profile. The sensations are multiple as soon as we find the right one movement.

Of course, there is also your imagination… What could be better than using your own imagination to vary the pleasures? That of create your own kamasutra ? Our bodies sometimes speak for us! As you begin to make love, as the excitement increases, listen to your desires. Let your bodies come closer, merge and fit together most naturally in the world! You can also give them a boost by projecting yourself into eccentric positions and places … for an ever more powerful and intense enjoyment!

Without a contraindication from her gynecologist, a pregnant woman can make love! The important thing is to listen to your libido, which sometimes fluctuates during pregnancy and to adapt the Kamasutra positions depending on the size of its belly for maximum comfort. Generally, the positions of the missionary and lotus are accessible until 4e or 5e month. Then we reach limits. The ideal and practicable positions throughout the pregnancy are the greyhound, the spoon and the andromache. The pregnant woman is more comfortable!

Kamasutra, also spelled Kama-Sutra, Comes from Kama which means “desire, pleasure”, and sutra which means “treated”. All is said. The Kamasutra book is said to have been written in the second half of the 3rd century BC by a certain Mallanaga Vatsyâyana. It is made up of 7 books in 36 chapters. If book 2 suggests positions, the other books provide advice on the proper functioning of the household. It’s a manual of personal life, couple and cohabitation. Surprisingly, book 5 even gives keys to successful adultery! Indeed, Kamasutra does not prohibit infidelity, but rather encourages men and women to think carefully before getting started.

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