Kamasutra of pregnancy: the top positions for pregnant women

Kamasutra de la grossesse : le top des positions pour la femme enceinte

What are the positions of Kamasutra for making love at all stages of a pregnancy? We tell you everything. For the pleasure of lovers but also the comfort of the future mother and, of course, of baby!

Expecting a baby does not mean putting aside all sexual intercourse, all sensual sharing, on the contrary! But the belly of the future mother, while getting bigger, can be a brake on certain somersaults. This is why we propose to you here to expose some Kamasutra positions that can be practiced during the first, second, and third semester of pregnancy. Obviously, we will dwell more on those practicable during the last six months.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, the body of Madame does not experience much change. It is therefore possible to consider the Kamasutra in its entirety or almost! You just have to take into consideration (is it not gentlemen) nausea (possible absence of oral sex on the menu for a while), an exacerbated sensitivity in the breasts (watch out for caresses and sucking too much supported) and a possible tiredness of from the expectant mother. As for the craving for pickles, strawberries and peanut butter, that shouldn’t be a problem…

Thus, we can cite:

Pregnant woman’s Kamasutra © Mathilde Morieux

During this period, the expectant mother generally feels better. Nausea is just a bad memory. Besides Madam, for the greatest joy of Monsieur, feels more concerned with the joys of the alcove (thank you hormones!). Some, with their little container that is becoming more and more rounded, even feel a tenfold appetite! As well enjoy. Among the many positions still practicable, we will highlight:

The position of the anvil

The woman is lying on a bed, or on a carpet, a blanket, a duvet on the floor, facing her companion who, on her knees, raises her legs to rest the calves on her shoulders and thus expose her vulva to penetration.

Sexual position of the anvil © Mathilde Morieux

This position is particularly intense for the two lovers and the belly of Madame is not yet large enough to prohibit its practice. Beyond all sensual consideration, the anvil position is interesting because it allows the woman to remedy the sensations of heavy legs very common during pregnancy by facilitating the circulation of blood.

The second trimester is the last period of pregnancy when Mister can “play the dominant males”. This position allows him, precisely, to take matters into his own hands. In addition, the man sometimes feeling excluded from the relationship that maintains the woman with her unborn baby, we give her, through this position, a final opportunity to have fun. As for the woman, we bet that her state of mind, during this period, will make her want to be a little less active.

  • The physical pleasures of this position : it is possible to vary the penetration. The closer the woman’s thighs are to her body, her chest, the deeper the penetration. This facilitates orgasm for the two lovebirds. In addition, the exchanges of glances can be intense. If this is pleasant in any circumstance, during pregnancy, let’s face it, the act of loving each other with the eyes is even more moving.
  • Position defects : there may be more or less pressure on the woman’s belly. It should be known even if, at this stage of pregnancy, it is in no way embarrassing for the mother and the baby. It will therefore be up to the gentleman to control his enthusiasm and above all to be attentive to his companion. Note also that Madame must know how to be flexible…

The position of the Amazon

The man is seated or lying down and the woman sits on her sex with her legs positioned on the same side, like an Amazon riding her mount.

Amazon’s sexual position © Mathilde Morieux

We could have exposed many positions of the Kamasutra practicable in the second trimester of pregnancy but we choose that of the Amazon to illustrate a way of making love which departs radically from the position of the anvil exposed previously. Indeed, here, it is the woman who is on the man. And it is she who can choose the rhythm that she wants to give to the penetration. In addition, the belly, even if it is not yet very prominent, is under no pressure.

This position is also particularly indicated for a couple expecting a child in the sense that it allows to expose the woman’s body (and therefore her growing belly) to the manual caresses of the man. The woman can also manifest herself by caressing her lover. The exchange of kisses is also facilitated, especially if the man is seated. It is rather a position conducive to tenderness, osmosis between future parents.

  • The physical pleasures of position : it is not really the penetration in itself which is the advantage of this position but rather, as we have said, the exchange of look, tenderness, attention. Note also that for a woman who has apprehensions about the depth of penetration because she is pregnant, this position allows her to be more reassured.
  • Position defects : the sensations during penetration are less. The legs of the woman being on the same side, the penetration is shallow. We will add that this position is not designed to last. Perhaps it should be considered as an introduction to other somersaults.

We can also cite other practicable positions in the second trimester of pregnancy: the position of the approach of the tiger, the position of the swing, the position of the union of the butterfly, the position of the greyhound

The third trimester of pregnancy is the most delicate period for making love. Madame’s belly is very large and the baby keeps beating to remind him that he is coming soon. Also, Sir, in the midst of all this, is afraid of doing wrong. This is why the two positions that we share here do not allow the slightest pressure on the can of the future mother.

Spoon position or position 99

The woman is lying on her side and the man stands behind her in a similar position. They fit together like two spoons, juxtapose like two 9s, hence the figurative name 99.

Sexual position of the spoon © Mathilde Morieux

This way of making love is perhaps the most convenient when the woman has been pregnant for more than 6 months. Indeed, the belly, very prominent, does not undergo any pressure from the partner as we have said and does not interfere with lovemaking. The two lovers can love each other peacefully.

This position has something particularly moving because the man can caress the womb of the future mother. The merger is complete between the two future parents and baby. A man always feeling a little excluded in a pregnancy process, he can, through this position, define himself as involved, responsible, protective. Yes, for him, this position has a very strong symbolic connotation. As for Madame, she feels protected, a feeling she needs during pregnancy.

  • The physical pleasures of standing : Madame can feel the kisses of her companion roaming her neck. The man’s free hand can also caress his body, thighs, belly, breasts and face. In addition, penetration allows modulations, variations. The man can penetrate deeply his partner or caress with his rod the edge of the vagina or the clitoris. For the contentment of both parties. The position of the spoons is also known to slow down Mr. ejaculation; a detail which is not one if the lover usually feels difficulty in retaining himself.
  • The faults of this position : we put forward the fusional side of the bodies and the symbolism that this position can mean. Alas, in this perspective, it must be recognized that lovers cannot contemplate themselves, love each other with their eyes. Unless you place a mirror in front of Madame … In addition, Monsieur, he will not be able to enjoy any body caress from his partner. But since we have seen that the latter will find pleasure in being the “operations manager”, that will not frustrate him …

The position of the flight of seagulls

The woman is lying on her back. Her buttocks rest on the edge of the bed and her feet touch the floor. The man, kneeling before her, penetrates her.

Seagull flight sexual position © Mathilde Morieux

Like the position of the spoons, the so-called flight of the seagulls makes it possible to make love without exerting pressure on the woman’s stomach. It can therefore be practiced at all stages of pregnancy and in particular during the last months.

This position, unlike this time the position of the spoons, allows lovers to look at each other. In addition, the belly is there, in the center of the lovemaking, in plain sight and this contributes to the symbolism of fusion exposed for the previous position. In this sense, it is particularly enjoyable.

  • The physical pleasures of this position : Madame can be caressed all over her body. In addition, as we said, lovers have the opportunity to look at each other. The man will appreciate to contemplate his completely exposed companion and the woman will be able to titillate by observing the rise in power of her lover. This position also allows the depth of penetration to be varied relative to the position of the legs. Madame can indeed lift them and circle the waist of Monsieur or wedge them on her shoulders.
  • The faults of this position : this position is rather unanimous. Almost no fault. Indeed, the man being on his knees, he must think of protecting them (watch out for burns caused by rubbing on a carpet!). To do this, a cushion will do the trick. We can also point out that it is necessary to have a bed whose height is adapted to allow easy penetration. Otherwise, the lover may want to bend over and press on the belly of his partner.

One can also cite among the positions of Kamasutra adapted to the last trimester of pregnancy: the position of the bee union, the perpendicular position …

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