Jump rope program: my 30-day challenge to lose pounds

Jump rope program: my 30-day challenge to lose pounds

The benefits of skipping rope

The jump rope is a very complete physical exercise. This playful movement makes it possible to work the cardio, and therefore to strengthen the heart, but also to refine the silhouette.

By using many muscles from head to toe, the skipping rope helps burn calories: we tone the calves, we work the arms, we strengthen the shoulders, we draw the abs for a flat stomach and we use the glutes.

As a bonus, by regularly jumping on the jump rope, you improve your posture by building your back muscles and you work on your balance.

How to choose your jump rope?

In sports stores, there are many types of jump ropes. So how do you choose the right jump rope? Those made of cotton and nylon are ideal for beginners: lighter, they rotate less quickly around you and are less heavy on the arms.

The vinyl or steel jump ropes are heavier and will therefore be more suitable for sportswomen who want to go further.

As for the leather jump ropes, they can be used by sportswomen of all levels who wish to afford a beautiful object for their sports session.

How to jump rope?

Skipping rope can seem very simple, since even children jump rope!

But for this movement to be effective, adopting the right posture is important.

  • invest in a good pair of sports sneakers, with cushioning, to avoid shocks when you jump
  • take care to keep a good posture during all the exercise: the back is straight, the glance in front of you, the hands are at hip height, and the legs slightly bent
  • tiptoe when jumping, and keep in mind that the idea is not to jump as high as possible

My jump rope program to increase my endurance

With this sports challenge, accessible to all, to be done over 30 days, you will be able to see results on your figure. The idea is to gradually improve your endurance, to be able to jump rope for 5 minutes at the end of the program… Without stopping!

Thereafter, the ideal is to jump rope as often as possible (daily if possible!), For several minutes.

Jump rope exercises: variants

Once you have completed this 30-day classic jump rope program with your feet together, you can take on other training challenges:

  • alternately jump on the left foot and the right foot
  • jump on one leg
  • make knee climbs
  • butt heels
  • cross the rope at the moment of the impulse to put more strain on the arms
  • do interval training: increase the intensity of the movement, before slowing down, then increase again…

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