January: find love in 31 days

Janvier : trouvez l

How about we start the year with a goal? The one to find love. Yes, but … how do we do it? We follow this little program, without pressure, designed especially for you! Every day his little initiative.

Who says new year says good resolutions? In love? Find love, we say yes! And for you, we have prepared a small program day after day in January, which boosts self-confidence, opens up meetings and contains some little secrets! It’s your turn.

Well, we get up with a little headache witnessing a watered December 31st. So today, no pressure, but only one thing to do: take care of yourself. We drink a lot of water, which we can sprinkle with lemon juice, we snuggle under a blanket, we avoid our cell phone (we wish the happy new year tomorrow). In short, in one sentence: we disconnect, we create a vacuum.

We admit to ourselves what we are looking for: great love? So we assume and not, we will no longer make a boy believe that seeing himself from time to time suits us, hoping that he expects more. So we make this decision to be consistent: we want, we go.

We wonder where we are with our ex, who could well be the cause of our treading water. And to remove it from our mind, we write his name on little pieces of paper, and our fondest memories too, and we throw it all in the trash. Or we freeze them. Symbolically, the gesture cleanses.

We sort our clothes. Because there is a package that we do not put. This is how we will feel better for dressing.

Next step after sorting: find out your bra size! Extensive program, yes. Because we always laugh a little and that a bra that suits us, it helps us to feel better in our sneakers. Finally, in his tits.

After the tits, we tidy up our apartment! But really. Because we have a more serene mind in an ordered space, without superfluity, and which corresponds to us.

We give ourselves a present: new jeans, new sweater, new shampoo, new cream. What we want, which helps us to feel beautiful. It can even be a pretty panty.

We walk thirty minutes, either to go to work, or on the way home. And we list our qualities, like that, just to see. It’s crazy how many there are and how we could have crossed the city ten times to continue.

We listen to Résiste, by France Gall, or T’es belle, by Volo. All right. And we dance. Each song that puts us in a good mood, compliments us and makes us want to climb a mountain is good to take.

Today, we smile at three strangers. It is our mission. Maybe so, we will open our eyes at the 10am break (rather than being on our phone) and ask our stranger for directions (rather than connecting to our GPS)

This morning, we are beautiful, but like super beautiful. We put on our favorite clothes, we put on our make-up, we get ready. And we see how it changes our mood throughout the day: we have more confidence in ourselves, right?

We write on a sticky note that men want to get involved. It is time to take off the labels that we took care to flank it on the forehead and lower abdomen! No, men aren’t all assholes, and no, they don’t have a commitment phobia. We note this information well, we reread it several times, and we stick the post-it on the fridge, just to remember.

We go to the movies alone. History to overcome our shyness. A step like any other, which shows us that we are capable of anything, especially of being ourselves.

We ask our friends to organize an evening with single friends. And we go there without anticipating, without asking to see photos before, because that could block us.

We make a nice photo of us, either alone, or with a friend who has the gear, or at the photographer. For the pleasure of our own eyes.

We use our photo to complete our new profile on a dating site or app, if we feel it. Because it’s a great way to meet love. And no, it’s not just for “desperate” people. So why not ?

We send an SMS to the friends today to organize an evening one of these four, in a bar. Come on, we launch a Doodle or whatever we want to find a Saturday.

We take a sheet and note all the situations in our life where we have shown courage and courage. This time we changed a tire alone or spoke English in front of 17 people at work. It’s crazy, it feels good: to approach a man next door, isn’t it… simple? (or at least not that complicated?).

A friend is asked to compliment us all day by message. It will take a little bit of discipline to think of writing to us every hour, but we tell him that we need it. And that in return, we will return the ball to her next month, when she launches into the program.

Today we’re chatting with a boy on the dating site. Any, at least: without stopping on the physical. Because a photo does not mean much and we tend to put unnecessary barriers.

We’re going to have a drink, alone. Yes, alone. It’s nice to stop in a cafe, watch people go by, read a good book. And to smile at who passes.

We repeat that we are able to approach a guy, we just have to rely on the circumstances. See you with friends? We ask him how he got to know them, for his part. Do we meet on the train? We ask him what time the TGV arrives in Rennes. Do we meet in the street? We ask for a fire or a handkerchief, and we talk about the weather. Because it’s very good.

We write down our phone number on a piece of paper that we keep with us. Just to get the idea that yes, we could give it. Nothing forces us to do it, it all depends on who we come across. The goal is simply to feel capable, on two fingers.

Today, we offer a date to a boy who I like well on the app (unless I am not registered). I make up my mind, because there is no reason for him to take the first step. So if I feel like it, I listen to myself!

We take a good bath for ourselves, dim light and candles, like Monica in Friends. We deserved it, we cut ourselves off from the world, we pamper ourselves, to better start again!

I leave my headphones or earbuds at home, and I go to work on foot! Or, if I’m in transport, I look up and get out of my world. I practice looking up to potential encounters.

We are writing today. We write in a small notebook everything we feel, how we perceive ourselves, what we miss, what we want, but also what fills us! Writing is magic, it helps us to take stock and reveals to ourselves what we did not suspect.

We think back to the date we had last week, to what we liked, or displeased. Are we too demanding? Doesn’t this boy deserve to be called back?

Today, we are having fun, because there is nothing like it to feel good, in a good mood and therefore of attack. And how to laugh alone? We put on a good comedian show. Or we go there. Definitely.

We offer ourselves a perfume which will be our gift at the beginning of February, to have the impression, really, of changing lives!

We accept all the outings that I am offered for the coming month, if we have not yet met the man. Because no, this year, we will not stay locked up!

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