I tested “Train Like A Model” at the Opera Factory

J’ai testé « Train Like A Model » à l’Usine Opéra

Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel… Each year, the Victoria’s Secret show makes us dream by honoring Angels with 100% perfect silhouettes. Inspired directly by the sporting routine of these great top models, “Train Like A Model”, the new discipline offered by L’Usine Opéra is full of promise. Verdict!

It’s with great curiosity that I open the doors of L’Usine Opéra, the top-of-the-range gym nestled in the heart of Paris. From the start, I let myself be taken in by the atmosphere that emerges from the place: space, calm, an industrial decor (special mention for the locker rooms and their exposed bricks) and a staff with great care. But quickly, the start of the course rang!

Steve, our coach and incidentally boxing champion, gives us our accessories: jump rope, boxing gloves and bear paws. We start with about fifteen minutes of jump rope. Bell-toe, crossed feet, double-jumps … the rhythms – sometimes slow, sometimes fast – alternate. The effort is sustained, the heart rate increases but I am holding on as the return to childhood is immediate.

Warmed up and my cheeks on fire, I swap my jump rope for boxing gloves. With remarkable patience, Steve teaches us step by step the movements of a shadow boxing choreography that we finally all rehearse together.

Now is the time to choose a partner. I take off my gloves, put on the bear paw and the blows start to rain: right, left, hook. The legs are not left out: between each series of movements, I chain small jumps by scissors under the watchful eye of Steve.

Sheathing and stretching exercises announce (already?) The end of the session. I come out empty, my calves suffer but the well-being is palpable. I now share the fitness secret of Victoria’s Angels Secret. One thing is certain: I will no longer look at Adriana and Candice in the same way.

  • Most: the architecture of the place and the sound system of the room
  • The least: the room, a bit too small compared to the number of participants
  • Rates: 800 euros per quarter
  • Where: 8, rue de la Michodière 75002 Paris
  • Site:
    © S de P / The Opera Factory

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