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I tested the Slendertone Connect Abs belt


The famous “abs electrostimulation belt” has released a connected version … What effects on the stomach, its muscles and its fat? We tried it for you.

I tested & oacute; the Slendertone Connect Abs belt
© Oleg Shelomentsev
  • Preliminary step
    Prepare the material. The belt is thin, practical, the connected box is placed there and is easily removed, the electrodes are installed in 3 minutes. I download the dedicated app (Slendertone connect, free on Itunes): ultra-simple. Depending on my age and my expectations, she determines the best program. For me, “essential toning”: 5 sessions of 25 minutes per week, with possible reminder on my laptop at the time of my choice, to be sure of my attendance.
  • Session 1.
    Brrr, the electrodes are frozen when I fasten the belt! I start gently with an intensity of 30, the session graph is displayed on my mobile, connected with the belt via Bluetooth. That tickles ! I go up to 40 in successive stages to avoid the pain and there, I feel the vibrations well. I push up to 46 for it to work (we can do it via the belt or the app, no more remote control!). At the end of the session I earn F.I.T points, the app gives me my average, maximum intensity and my goals.
  • Session 5
    highly motivated, I did one session a day: the app congratulates me, I exceeded my goal! I am at 53 intensity on average, and slowly climb to 60 at the end of the session. There I feel my belly “spin”! Physically, I don’t see a difference…
  • Session 10
    I manage to go up to 60 in the middle of the session, but I clench my teeth! Fortunately you get used to it in a few minutes, and you have to go gradually … and take care at the same time! I find that my belly has already gained firmness. But I only did 4 sessions this week, so I’m below my target. Next week I’m hanging on! I finish the session at intensity 65 (ouch!), Just to catch up!
  • Session 15
    I manage to climb in intensity (up to 70!) Over the sessions. Discreet, the belt is thin enough to be hidden under a T-Shirt, it’s practical. And the 25 minutes pass quickly.
  • Session 25
    End of the program, I will be up to 75 at the end of the course! I find my stomach flatter and firmer to the touch and my abs more toned, as if they were more contracted. Visually, a slight difference (no miraculous tablets anyway!). I decide to continue on another program to continue my “efforts”. Not so easy to keep up with the pace of 5 sessions per week, it has to become a daily reflex … I’m working on it!
  • The most: discreet, very simple to use, practical and really motivating app to follow your progress, with points for each session, a weekly report, the average intensity used…
  • The least: after 25-30 sessions you have to change the electrodes (15 €). You have to think about it in advance.

Connect Abs from Slendertone, € 199 at www.slendertone.com, Decathlon, Go Sport, Darty.

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