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I tested the Slendertone Abs belt


Soon summer with its batch of light outfits. To display a flat stomach (as much as possible at least) in my itsi little bikini, I decided to test a device with electrostimulations: the Slendertone Abs belt. Object of torture or invention blessed by the gods of thinness, discover my verdict without further ado.

The belt Slendertone Abs is an electrostimulation device specially designed to help strengthen the abdomen and lose belly. The promise: “Tone and firm the belly in just 4 weeks.” A pretty belly in 1 month? This is all rather tempting.

The first use

I therefore launch out “lost stomach” in this new test which promises to be stimulating.
Inside the box, I discover the belt, the electrodes, the remote control and a fabric storage pocket. The first session is the longest. Familiarization with the device requires. I read the instructions carefully and get down to the preparation of my new toy. I place the electrodes on the belt, remove the protections and position the Slendertone Abs on my future flat stomach.
The particularity of this device lies in the choice of programs divided into two categories. A series of “passive” sessions during which the body makes no effort, only the belt works. Then there are the “active” sessions, effective during a sporting activity. The goal is to amplify the efforts provided.
I choose a passive program lasting 30 minutes. Thanks to the remote control, I can adjust the intensity of the stimulations. I start slowly and gradually increase until I feel that my abs are really working. There are 150 levels of intensity. I’m stopping at level 85 for this time. My muscles contract at regular intervals. Half an hour later, I can remove the belt and put it back in its cover. It was pretty quick and easy!

Four weeks later

After a month of testing, at the rate of two sessions minimum per week, I notice that my stomach has firmed up. Of course, I don’t have Demi Moore’s abs yet, but my size has become thinner and I feel more toned.

Good to know : It is recommended to remain seated during the first session just to get the body used to the sensation. For the following, it is quite possible to go about other occupations.

I liked: the ease of use
I did not like: the pocket reserved for the remote control which turns out to be too small

Slendertone Abs
Price: 179 euros + electrodes at 15 euros
Slendertone site

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