I tested: the Jetbike O2 at the Bodyl’O center


The editorial ‘Beauty has tried just for you a new generation of detachable aquabike. Find out in detail the test session.

We all know the principle of aquabiking. For some time now, it has even been possible to practice it in an individual cabin. Today, a new device is appearing on the market. This is the Jetbike O2. His particuliarity ? Be removable and 3-in-1. Pedaling, running and relaxing is now possible in a single cabin. Explanations and verdict.

It is at the Bodyl’O center in Lagny-Sur-Marne (77) that I have an appointment for my test. The center smells new since it opened just 24 hours earlier. Laurent Socard, director of the place, shows me around the premises. In all, 3 rooms, one with 2 devices allowing a duet training with a friend or her dear and tender. I enter the room and discover a surprisingly tall cabin. Its large size is explained by its capacity which is 900 liters of water (versus 300 for conventional cabins). Once in a jersey, I climb the steps and take a seat on the saddle since I chose the “aquabike” option. I can adjust its height as well as that of the handlebars for better comfort. The filling phase can begin.
Barely 1 minute for the water to rise to its maximum. A very good point since there is no loss of time. Especially if you plan your session during the lunch break. Laurent Socard explains to me that it is a very ecological system since the water is filtered and reused.

Once filling is complete, the massage nozzles activate and the 30-minute session can begin. At my request, I am in the dark since the Jetbike O2 has lighting based on chromotherapy. On the touch screen in front of me I can determine the power of the nozzles, the resistance of the crankset but also check my speed (number of revolutions per minute), the distance traveled and the number of calories burned. While I pedal relentlessly (yes, if relentlessly!), I watch TV. Very practical so as not to see time pass. Suddenly, the planned half hour passes at full speed and the cycle ends. In 30 minutes, I walked almost 8 kilometers and burned 186 calories.

The cabin empties as quickly as it was filled. Once out, I ask the owner more details on the device. He explains to me that to run, you just have to remove the bike and install a treadmill. For the spa, the bike or the carpet remains but this part of the offer is not yet well optimized.
In summary, it is a practical cabin because it is possible to practice two sports activities there. Its large capacity makes it possible to have water at the right height. In addition, the temperature is programmed at 32 degrees. Ideal for sweating and relaxing. So, tempted?

Prices :

30 minute sessions
Discovery session: 19 euros (free for any subscription to a package or subscription)
Price for one session (excluding discovery and package): 30 euros
Package of 6 sessions: 168 euros (28 euros per session)
12 sessions package: 312 euros (26 euros per session)
20 sessions package: 480 euros (24 euros per session)


Bodyl’O – So-Forme approved aquabiking center
23, rue Gambetta 77 400 Lagny sur Marne
Information and reservations at: 09 81 71 98 94 or [email protected]

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