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I tested the “Flat stomach in 5 minutes per day” program of Valérie Orsoni


More effective than any cream for building your belly: the abs! The idea: not long, but every day. Banco!

Valérie Orsoni, the energetic successful coach, creator of BootCamp (1.5 million practitioners) and well-being ambassador of SNCF offers this year a abs program in 5 minutes daily only (with a dedicated book)! Enough to dream of all those who find it difficult to find the time, or the desire, to spend hours in the gym or on their fitness mat. But even 5 minutes a day, does it work? We tried !

The principle

Lots of courses dedicated to abdominals sometimes do us more harm than good (backache for example), and as a bonus, we pick up at the first opportunity because it is not exciting and long. Conversely, there are always 5 minutes (not one more, I promise!) During the course of the day. No need for a huge motivation: you just need not to zap, to be diligent. Remember that 5 minutes a day is almost 3 hours at the end of the month!


If they target the abs, they are ultra-varied: 27 in total, from the board that dances to crunch in multiple versions, including the ballet twist, the pike and extend … Names that are sometimes complicated for exercises that are less, well targeted make it work great right, oblique and transverse. All illustrated, they only require a mat and sometimes dumbbells (or bottles of water).

The program

Let’s go for 30 days, with a different selection of exercises each day, generally 5 to repeat 1 minute each, which leaves time to suffer (especially as suddenly, the pace is intensive), but not that to get tired! Advantage: no need to search for the exercises, they are indicated (with photo and advice) every day. The book is indeed organized like a schedule.

In practice

I get rid of “pensum” in the morning as recommended by Valérie Orsoni, to be sure not to forget. Indeed, it heats, and even burns quickly! However the sequence is short, it goes much more easily. Some exercises seem to me rather easy, others… put me in particular in difficulty! But we feel very quickly progress, which is why the program is intensifying!

The results

The hardest part is getting motivated for the 1st session … then you realize that it’s easy to find 5 minutes when you make it a priority (like showering or breakfast), and above all that the sequence is really fast and effective: aches come at the first time! No need to take measurements: after 3 weeks I can already see that my stomach is flatter and firmer, that my size has been refined. So, the good idea is to keep going and start the program every month!

“Target flat stomach, 5 minutes a day for 1 month” by Valérie Orsoni, ed. Hugo New Life. Price: € 12.95

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