I tested an aquatic bar course


Thinner, well-shaped legs, soft toned abs: we start ballet in the water!

I have always been more athletic than a dancer – a single lesson in ballet during my childhood proved to my mother that I had too much energy for a discipline as academic as classical dance. So I spent my youth practicing all possible sports: handball, tennis, fencing, kayaking, soccer. Last year, however, something changed … Suddenly, Body Attack classes and High Interval Training sessions started to feel exhausting, not only physically, but also mentally.

It was exactly during this transition period that I came across a brand new practice. : the aquatic bar ! The activity consists of performing classical dance movements at the bar, but in a swimming pool heated to 33 ° C. Feeling the winds blowing at the start of winter, I let myself be tempted by a test on a Sunday at 12:15 pm – even if my ballet vocabulary boiled down to “folded”!

When I arrived at the Studio des Grands Augustins, I was received by Leila Dilhac, a dancer from the Paris Opera who created the discipline with another dancer, Gregory Dominiak, and a physiotherapiste. The idea came to them when Gregory, who had just had an injury, was doing his rehabilitation in the pelvis: “We started doing the barbell exercises in the water and we were pleasantly surprised to see how his half-submerged body helped him to control his center of gravity and keep his posture. Water resistance allowing to work the muscles in depth, “says Leila. Thus was born the aquatic bar.

The unfolding

Each course lasts one hour and the practice is divided into three parts: “warm-up”, “exercises” and “relaxation”. All the series, which of course include the main positions of classical dance, are thought out according to the music selected, most of them recorded by a pianist. We work on great classics like “Carmen” by Georges Bizet or “Romeo et Juliette” by Sergei Prokofiev.

What do we feel?
The practice is intense, but not unpleasant. Thanks to the resistance of the water, the movements are even more efficient. The next day, we feel the presence of muscles that we didn’t even know and the legs seem thinner “All the exercises work the muscles in extension and stretching”, says Leila to explain the result of thinner and toned legs . The abdominal muscles, balance and concentration are also worked, as well as the arms, which accompany each movement, but which remain out of the water, therefore necessarily less stressed. All this without suffering and a mind on top.

Without knowing the main principles of classical dance, it is possible to take a course and enjoy its benefits. Even if we feel a little lost at the beginning, the attentive and benevolent gaze of the teachers who correct each movement and position, gradually helps us to gain confidence and pleasure.

Most : relaxation that allows us to get out of the water with the feeling of mission accomplished.

Aquatic bar
45 euros the unit lesson (or 40 euros the course with the book of 5)

16, rue des Grands Augustins, 75006

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