How to reduce the calories of bread? Advice from the nutritionist

How to reduce the calories of bread? Advice from the nutritionist

Some guidelines to start with: 100 g of baguette = 100 g of soft bread = about 250 calories, the equivalent of a lightning coffee or chocolate bread. Suffice to say that, as part of a slimming diet, it is imperative to keep an eye on this food, which the French consume about 120 grams per day.

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Bread is not to be banished, specifies Marie Tandonnet, dietitian-nutritionist. Provided you do not go overboard (100 grams per day, or 4 slices of 25 grams, that’s enough), we have a good source of carbohydrates, fiber, group B vitamins (B1 and B6, in particular) and minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium). Be careful though with salt (650 mg of sodium in 100 g of bread on average) which can worsen the Water retention. “

The main interest of bread is fiber – a rate between 4 g and 9 g per 100 g of bread, depending on the nature of the bread. They help regulate intestinal transit and avoid snacking between meals by prolonging the feeling of satiety. In short, a slice of bread + a knob of butter for breakfast, it is ideal for holding until the next meal without falling for sweets at 10 am!

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Which bread to choose? Obviously, not all breads are created equal. As part of a slimming diet, Marie Tandonnet advises rather wholegrain bread or cereal bread:glycemic index (GI) baguette is around 75 and that of sandwich bread peaks at 74; on the other hand, the GI of wholemeal bread is 65, that of rye bread is 50, and that of sourdough bread is only 40. ”By choosing wholemeal bread rather than white bread, we limit glycemic peaks, therefore the secretion of insulin, which is partly responsible for the formation of fats.

Choose wholemeal bread rather than white bread to reduce calories

Also watch the trim: exit la spread (far too rich in sugars and fats), we will favor slices of light butter or 0% M.F. fresh cheese. At breakfast, you can still allow yourself 2 tsp. to c. jam or honey.

Beware of frustration: if you deprive yourself of a food that you really appreciate, you risk cracking fairly quickly and abandoning your good slimming resolutions“, warns Marie Tandonnet. In short, if you cannot do without your quarter of baguette + butter + jam in the morning, keep your little pleasure … and compensate.

Any last advice? If you are addicted to baguettes or sandwich bread, I recommend replacing the starchy foods with a piece of bread of equivalent weight. In addition, you can also increase your daily physical activity time to allow yourself more bread during the day.

thanks to Marie Tandonnet, dietitian-nutritionist in Saint-Estève (66).

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