How to practice skipping rope to lose weight

Comment pratiquer la corde à sauter pour maigrir

The jump rope is an exercise of choice for those who want to maintain their physical shape and sculpt their body without too many constraints. Material, asset, regularity, here are some tips to get started.

The jumping rope is one of the most complete activities. It strengthens the muscles and allows burn as many calories as possible. In addition to gaining tone, it acts on your entire body. The lower body is mainly used: the calves and thighs are gradually sculpted. With each jump, it is important to cover the abdominal strap to also perform work on the belly.

What are the benefits of skipping rope?

For those who already practice physical activity, the jumping rope plays a dynamic support role: the rope jump reinforces all the elements of their “availability”, that is to say the timing, the lightness of the supports, the muscular tonification, the fluidity of the movements, the respiratory timing. .. For those who do not have a regular physical activity, it should be known that the benefit which one draws from the jump rope is optimal compared to the other physical activities. In addition, jump rope is easy to access.

The jump rope is a vertical work, on balance. It improves body alignment and allows women to stand better. And it also works on balance. In addition to improving breathing, skipping rope provides a global effort: all the muscles of the body work at the same time and roughly the same. Result: the jump rope refines the silhouette and energizes the body.

Yes, sinceit burns calories. If you jump rope three times two minutes, you are in an already very interesting calorie burning activity. The proof is that the boxers regulate their weight to enter their category thanks to the jump rope.

First, the choice of rope is essential. A good jump rope has ergonomic handles, that is to say not in the form of a tube but which follow the shape of the hands and which make it possible to wedge his thumb and index finger in a notch. We will preferably choose a rope suited to their level of practice, in light nylon for beginners, vinyl or leather for beginners. Then it is imperative that women, more than in any sport, wear a sports bra, because the jump rope works on a vertical movement, which can be bad for the chest. Finally, to practice the jump rope, we use sports sneakers, running type. Avoid absolutely: jump barefoot.

For beginners, it is advisable to practice the jump rope three times two minutes, every other day, each “round” being spaced by a short recovery phase of about fifteen seconds. It is already a good rhythm which allows to produce effects after two months of practice. The most important thing is to establish a regular practice, without exceeding your level of fatigue, to progress intelligently. You have to constantly search for your own rhythm and let yourself be coached by the rope in a way. The duration of the practice depends on your number of errors. If you take the rope six times in your feet in two minutes, you are jumping too long. The rope is an interesting exercise because it is a bit “plug and play”: once you practice, the rope generates its own pedagogy. You are coached by the rope: when you are bad, you take the rope in your feet, it sanctions you. The next day, you are in good shape: the rope reassures you by continuing to rotate regularly!

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