How to marry her asshole?

Comment épouser son plan cul ?

We sleep with him and it’s already not bad. But we would also like to share restaurants, cinemas, love letters and our wishes in front of the Mayor. Tips to transform your sex story into a love story.

With our cul plan, everyday life is rather light. But a little too much for our taste: sex is good, it’s good, it’s often and it’s the contract. Only, feelings are born on our side, so much that we almost threw an “I love you” the other day as a missionary. Now we are sure, we want more. To laugh, to cook, to travel, and even to argue, is to say. We want to be a couple with the one who invests our bed without ever staying sleeping. So that things are clear: we will try everything for everything, until the ring on the finger.

Changing our habits

We start by identifying the habits that we both have, like late night reunions and doggy style sex. Maybe also sometimes we order pizza and we recommend movies. Owl. So let’s decide to disrupt it all, in order to give our relationship a different tone. We meet a little earlier and why not on Sunday. We change position in bed and opt for a Japanese. And then, instead of recommending a film, we say to ourselves: why not watch it together? And we watch it together.

To ask questions

A boyfriend, we get to know him day by day, especially because we ask intimate questions or that we spontaneously confide in each other. The ass plan remains a mystery: we don’t know what his work days look like and if he has three sisters or seven. So, step by step, let’s twirl and find out. We question. We discover. We talk about everyday life, the little details: work, friends, weekends, football or figure skating. By opening the conversation and by orienting it on our cul plan, and thus inevitably a little on us, one stretches the sex to another thing, one leaves the framework.

Forget your toothbrush

It’s funny, that, but we have always been head in the air. Suddenly, THIN THEN, but now that we are at home, we put our toothbrush on the sink nonchalantly. An oversight, what. But it works with everything, our glasses, our agenda, our perfume, our box of Doliprane. Finally, preferably, objects that are a little “life for two” and that imply that we come back. Objects that speak of us, our universe, our habits. The idea, always, is to redraw the contours of our relationship by showing that beyond sex, we are a girl who brushes our teeth, and that by extension, we also like to walk, dance, chat, not just make love.

Tender gestures

If the sex between us is pleasant and rather beastly, because we know each other, that we catch and that we take our foot, choose to integrate tender gestures on the board. Because tenderness and sweetness lead to couples. During sex, we kiss, we caress each other with love, and then after sex, we hang out a bit, we snuggle lightly against our ass. And we can really go further, with a little kiss on the cheek here and there, a hand on his arm when we debate on a poignant subject, or a well thought out tickle when we bicker like teenagers.

Ask for a service

Include our cul plan in our days, our projects, our plans (still plans, huhu). For that, let’s ask him for services. Like “are you coming with me to Ikea? To the supermarket?” Like “I need you because I would like to train for my job interview or my job presentation”. And so on, so that finally our sex plan detects that yes, it has its place in our life. Without forgetting that it is very flattering to be asked, to feel useful. Enjoy!

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