How to make a semi-permanent tattoo?

Comment faire un tatouage semi-permanent ?

Between permanent tattoo and temporary tattoo, semi-permanent tattoo offers many advantages. With a lifespan of 5 to 8 years, this trend meets the expectations of fans of the favorite motif! Provided that the usual precautions are observed.

Semi-permanent tattooing, a delicate technique

Good news, the semi-permanent tattoo allows the momentum of the moment, like the jewelry patterns or the inscriptions reserved for the chosen one of his heart! It is said, however, that it would be difficult to assert itself, even among fans of tatoos. For twenty years indeed, testimonies continue to denounce the persistence of unsightly traces on the skin, like “birthmarks”, well beyond the estimated duration. In question: the usual precautions would not always be followed. Unlike the temporary tattoo, you should know that the skin break-in exists with the semi-permanent, even if only the epidermis is pricked. This rigorous process is therefore reserved for experienced professionals, in optimal aseptic conditions. As a reminder, the practice of tattooing is subject to strict regulations. Dermatological monitoring is also strongly recommended.

The semi-permanent tattoo, a matter of epidermis

The semi-permanent tattoo technique is based on two essential elements. On the one hand, tattoo artists use vegetable and mineral pigments more diluted than traditional ink; on the other hand they bite at the level ofepidermis. This part of the skin, a millimeter thick, consists of dead cells, which, by renewing themselves, are supposed to eliminate all traces encrusted on the surface. Note however that the national union of tattoo artists regularly warns of the lack of guarantee of the life of the semi-permanent tattoo. In this area, nothing can be decided beforehand, the erasure of the pattern taking place naturally over time. In short, the reliability of the result depends on the individual, the elasticity of the skin and the quality of the product injected.

Some tips for a successful semi-permanent tattoo

To facilitate the complete disappearance of the semi-permanent tattoo, under optimal aesthetic conditions, and to avoid the “birthmarks” effect, it is necessary to favor fine graphics, moreover easier to touch up than solid patterns. Note that plant and mineral pigments produce a satin effect and allow you to test a pattern at various locations on the body. You can also complete the drawing over the years according to your imagination and your current desires. A lot of satisfaction, therefore, for those who know how to surround themselves with professionals used to handling this evolving art with complete peace of mind!

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