How to get pregnant?

Comment prendre son pied enceinte ?

Unless there are contraindications from your gynecologist, making pregnant love is entirely possible. It’s good for the couple and for baby! Our advice for a fulfilling sex life during this period, with Alexandra Hubin, sexologist.

Pregnancy is a period apart, we no longer experience sex the same way. We give up some positions to meet new ones (and that says new positions, says new sensations) and our libido fluctuates (which may surprise). Pregnant women ask themselves a lot of questions and often wonder if they can maintain a sex life: the answer is yes! Talk to your gynecologist or midwife. Unless otherwise indicated, you can make love and get off during pregnancy, no worries! Information and advice to take full advantage of it.

Does sperm promote childbirth?

Sperm can promote childbirth because it contains a low concentration of prostaglandin, which can trigger contractions. The chemical (prostaglandin) and mechanical (penetration) effect is not negligible in the event of threat of premature delivery (because the cervix is ​​modified), or when the placenta is praevia (i.e. too low in the womb). Women who have already had miscarriages or who have had a lot of contractions during the first trimester should imperatively discuss with their doctor. Having sex can in these cases be discouraged. From the moment the doctor does not object, there is no problem.

Listen to your libido for more pleasure

During pregnancy, libido can make waves, although not all women go through the same. If a calendar had to be established, we generally observe a decrease in sexual desire during the first twelve weeks (due to nausea, fatigue, emotional variations … but also the apprehension of making love). Between 12e week and the 32e week, sexual desire tends to increase! Then, from 32e at 36e, a small fall may be felt as you approach childbirth. “Whether your libido is at its peak or discreet, whether it wakes up at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of pregnancy, don’t worry: each body lives in its own way! I recommend that pregnant women listen to their wishes. And if making love becomes technically complicated, opting for foreplay or small games for two without penetration is also very exciting“, advises Alexandra Hubin, sexologist. In short, no need to slow down if you feel want to make love. Do not feel guilty about the days or weeks “without”, either if the desire is there, but you dare not.

Ideal sexual positions for pregnant women

It is up to each woman to feel, depending on the position and the moment, whether or not she is comfortable with her body. The main thing is to explore your pleasure while respecting your limits“, insists the sexologist before sharing with us the preferred positions during pregnancy for maximum sensations and comfort:

  • The spoon : this position, synonymous with complicity, is ideal throughout pregnancy, especially in the last months.
  • The missionary : your man is on you, arms resting so as not to “crush” you. Generally, the missionary position is accessible up to 5e month of pregnancy.
  • The Andromache: you on him, that’s great too. You can put your hands on her thighs to be as straight as possible and therefore comfortable with your belly. This position also allows you to be in control of the situation. You can choose the rhythm and manage the depth of the penetration. Alternatively, you can practice the position of the rider, which could be described as an inverted Andromache: you are not looking towards your man, but you are back to him.
  • Doggy style : a position that works very well if you have no back or breast pain. Putting a pillow under your stomach can also help you gain comfort.

Rest assured (and reassure your man!)

As well mounted as it is, there is no risk for your man to touch baby and harm him! We could laugh at it, but it is a frequent and classic worry. Women also fear that too brutal penetration is not adequate … Baby does not fear anything, on the contrary, he is delighted. The endorphin released during sex does him a lot of good. “However, if you still fear a report, do not force anything. Pregnancy is also an opportunity to experiment with new practices, to take advantage of long foreplay without penetration, to grant or receive massages.“, explains Alexandra Hubin. We can therefore reinvent ourselves and perceive this period as a new page in our sexuality.


You can also practice autoeroticism … And that feels good. Only precaution: avoid sex toys. The actual effects of vibrations on the fetus are unknown. The hand remains a safe bet for doing good!

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