How to find love in a meadow?

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“Love is in the meadow” is back on M6 and makes you want to meet a farmer. How to find the ideal man in a field, off-camera? Follow the guide.

Whenever you watch Love is in the meadow, you wonder where you were the evening of the portraits for not having tried your luck under the encouragement of Karine Le Marchand, secretly promising to think about it next year? Why not try your luck off-camera? Because it is not easy either to pass on M6, the red cheeks. We wondered how to cross the path of a lovely farmer. By dint of watching the program, we found tracks. Will you write to us from your new farm?

Going on holiday in the countryside

This is the first point. Forget the beaches conducive to encounters identified by Meetic (Biarritz, Saint-Tropez and Arcachon appear in the TOP 10) and head for the countryside. But where ? In front of a map of France, choose any department that reminds you of vague memories of school. The Meuse, Isère, Creuse, Corrèze, Allier, are very good picks. Then roll at random until the decor becomes greener and quieter. You have arrived at your destination.

Go door to door

Farmers go out little, they have a lot of work, get up very early and rest in the evening. To come across one, it is therefore wise to wander in the countryside. Stroll around cows, sheep, cross wheat fields and kiss little pigs. You will meet very beautiful people. Don’t hesitate to take a walk with a “little something from home”. You will be able to offer the handsome man crossed chocolates from Paris, very good, or chocolates from Lyon, very good.

Properly balance your beauty

Farmers like pretty women, very feminine. They even sometimes have funny fantasies (remember Thierry and his love for the leopard pattern), but beware, they can also be put off by too high heels and manicured nails, concluding that you will never do it. Farm business you will be afraid of mud and will be late every morning milking due to brushing. Just dose.

Love the campaign (or pretend)

If you don’t like the countryside or don’t understand your farmer’s job, you can upset him and make him indifferent to him. If he doesn’t ask you to manage his work with him, appreciating his world will be a big plus. One should not be afraid of animals, of getting up at dawn and of silence. The farmer wants it. If you seem completely lost, even disgusted, he will not be able to contemplate a story with you. Because it is you who will move to join it. He runs a farm, he has obligations from father to son and cannot leave everything. And since it awaits a serious and passionate history, the common roof will quickly become essential.

To be whole in love

Farmers dream of a great and great story, of something strong and addictive, of recurring love words and tender hugs. Your crush may ask you very quickly how you live love and what you expect. Romantic responses will be welcome. Do not hesitate to say that you are whole, that you like honesty, nice words, attentions, fusion but not too much, and that when you love, it is forever. Love is in the meadow, it is marriage and children, not empty words.

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