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How to be a good ex?

Comment être une bonne ex ?

We are given lots of advice on how to be a good lover and a good lover, but let’s not forget the aftermath: being a good ex is also cool. How do we do ? Advice.

Don’t drool too much

By this we mean that a good ex who respects himself avoids spitting his resentment right to left based on “What a bastard”, “And you don’t know that in bed …”. Yes, it’s tempting, especially if you have the balls and a good dose of unhappiness at the bottom of your stomach. But that doesn’t change anything, to drool. If it is not that it stains our memories and that our ex is on the verge of being aware. If in addition, we plan to win him back one day (or if he is about to return), we have just put three big fingers in the eye. Pity.

Do not consider it as a bandage

We were a beautiful couple. Our boy listened to us, supported us and sang us lullabies evenings without. Now that the story is over, we avoid calling it at the slightest stress. He is not a crutch, not a bandage, not our shrink. And this, even if he knows us very well. Let’s say he may have something else to do (she is blonde, we are angry). However, if we ever decided to “stay friends” with sincerity (and without calculating the genre: we pretend that we are friends so as not to lose sight of ourselves), we can completely confide in him, and reciprocally. A new balanced relationship.

Do not go back and forth

We’re still madly in love with him. Or its presence, we no longer know. There are evenings when we wonder why we left. And if he has left us, we are full of impulses like “three more glasses and I am writing him an SMS”. But a good ex avoids doing this kind of thing. A good ex avoids ringing the doorbell every Saturday, saying “I miss you” then “finally, go see elsewhere if I’m there”. A good ex makes a point with herself. She then knows what she wants, does not want. She respects her ex, does not go back and forth. So in a month, if she chooses to come back, she will do so knowingly.

Leave her new chick alone

It is a matter of principle, we do not say the opposite: we hate our new girl and we can not be objective. No need to ask us. Only, she did nothing so unnecessary to puncture her car tires as in a romantic comedy (with a hood and a girlfriend). Why should we make an effort? Because we too, one day, we were “the new girlfriend” and besides, we may be tomorrow. Life is well done.

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