How often should you have sex?

À quelle fréquence faut-il faire l

A couple who would make less love would be less happy in a household, according to society. No! Several surveys have shown that the frequency of sexual relations does not determine happiness within a couple. Having too much sex would not be desirable … Find out the ideal frequency of sex according to scientists.

If you’ve been making love less for some time, that doesn’t mean your relationship is falling apart. In fact, the frequency of sexual relations is declining overall: in 2013, the British declared having sex 5 times a month, or 1.3 times less than in 2000, according to the National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles. Likewise in the United States, where only 36% had sex once a month in 2016, compared with 45% in 2000. Sophia Benoit, journalist for the magazine GQ, wanted to prove that quantity is good, but quality … it’s better.
Via Twitter, she therefore polled users and finally distinguished 3 categories of people. First singles, who reported having sex every three months maximum, then young couples who admitted to having three to six reports per week. People who have been in a relationship for some time have revealed that they find themselves under the sheets once every two weeks. Parental, professional obligations, daily fatigue … If these details seem normal in an established routine, leaving less room for sex, love is always there according to the couples interviewed.

Sex: making love several times a week would be “too much”
Science has also given its verdict. And the result is final: sexual frequency does not define happiness and understanding in a relationship. According to a study published in the American journal Social Psychological and Personality Science, making love several times a week would be too frequent, especially when the two people are no longer having fun. The couples questioned for the survey revealed that they had intimate moments 51 times every 12 months. Hang on! The researchers concluded that the magic recipe for perfect harmony was … one sex a week, and that’s it.
Another Pennsylvania analysis studied sex in 64 couples, ages 35 to 65. After defining their habits, the scientists asked half of the respondents to increase their number of reports. After three months, it appeared that the couples who had doubled their sexual relations were not happier, but above all more stressed. The signs of tenderness (holding hands, kissing …) would therefore be much more important within a couple than sex. CQFD! Remember, however, that no number is to be reached: from the moment you feel good, sex is when you feel like it.

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