How do you find love when you peel them off?

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Finding love when it’s cold is not easy, since we much prefer our quilt to the terraces. How to find a prince charming when the temperature is close to zero? Here is our advice pack.

The cold is back, but love not really. In summer, we have faith (like Ophélie), we go out, we get motivated, we put on our best t-shirt and we go hunting on the beach or in the evening. But when the gloom comes and the time to take out the gloves, you feel soft and ugly. Finding love in winter is a waste of time? Think again, with a little ideas and what it takes humor, we can come across the man in the down jacket that we have always dreamed of.

Adjust the heating of your room

Do not sleep in an overly warm room because the shock is greatest when you go out. You have to get your body used to “lukewarmness” (joy). So you can walk around the city in the morning without a cap and with a smile. In addition, pioncer by peeling the loaves, it has another advantage: it makes you want to move quickly to meet someone whose feet will act as a hot water bottle when night falls. Basically, by lowering the heating at home, we do little harm for our good.

Hello dating apps

If there is a season during which to register on an app of dating for its reasons that the poke ignores (that doesn’t mean anything, it’s done on purpose), it’s winter. Warm under your blanket, you can surf in search of Prince Charming. And since it is out of the question to put your nose out for a guy who is not worth it, it is very likely that you will become more selective. So you increase your chances of meeting someone good (CQFD). Beware, however, of fans of cuffing, who take you in winter to keep busy and throw you at the first buds (not at all what you plan to do).

Wear velvet and sexy panties

The good news is that velvet is back in fashion and you can walk OKLM in grandpa’s pants. We then add six layers on his shoulders – three T-shirts, a sweater, a vest and a coat – and here we are ready to face the outside. There is no excuse for not walking a hundred meters. Afraid of not being sexy? You are. You are because you have chosen underwear that boosts you from the inside out. That’s the secret. Cool panties and coarse wool.

Live Lagom and enjoy the cold

This Swedish way of life teaches us to be satisfied with not much and to savor small pleasures. We cross nature by looking at the sky, we breathe the fresh air of a polluted metropolis, we make contact with our body in a world in hibernation … and now everything is better. So right now, we change our look at the cold, we tell ourselves that it is good, that it is LIFE, that it is POWERFUL. And if we don’t succeed, we think of the heat wave and those atrocious moments when we were sweating in the back. It reconciles.

Go into Hygge mode

Another trend, the Hygge, a Danish cocooning lifestyle. Yes, the Nordics (apparently) have everything to teach us. To live Hygge, we invest in soft cushions, we drink liters of herbal tea, we light a few candles, we wear woolen socks (non-slip…) and we stay warm at home with a good book (not Netflix, this n is not very quiet, the screens). What does this have to do with love? By creating a pleasant atmosphere like this, we are so peaceful that there is a good chance that we will fall asleep until April. Here’s an idea that it’s good.

6 bonus tips that don’t eat bread
  • Take a walk with your radiator
  • Call back your ex
  • Move to the sun
  • Squat the gyms: it’s good to live there even in December
  • Watch romantic Christmas movies, it’s inspiring
  • Go read Will there be too much snow at Christmas? (ed. Charleston), collection of short stories written by 6 romantic comedy authors and editor’s favorite. It’s magic, comforting and full of love …

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