How do I know if he’s breadcrumbering me?

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A new buzzword, breadcrumbing literally means “bread crumbs”. And that therefore means, in the language of love, that one of the protagonists keeps the other under the elbow and takes it for a pigeon. Although we are fine psychologists, how do we know if the other keeps us disgusting?

We detected three (huge) pieces of evidence that this man (an ex or not) was chasing you breadcrumber. How do we know that? On the one hand, because we have already paid for it, these fucking crumbs. Then hang on: because we already have breadcrumbĂ©. We know the techniques, we didn’t fall from the last rain. We have practice, and we know how it works. What to detect in the other his small attempts at manipulation. Afterwards, don’t forget: there are clues that don’t deceive, but do you ever know that this boy is just clumsy? Take the time for analysis.

He sends you “Hi, how are you ?

It is a little pity, but as this message falls right at the time of your rout (you just posted on Facebook a very disturbing status “What is the point of living?”), You see nothing. You even tell yourself that it is nice, someone who thinks of you in this world of rots. Well rot is him. Analysis: he says “cuckoo”, a term from the 90s which means “I do not care“is almost worse than poke. And the”It’s okay ?“, even without fail, is a semblance of interest. As if you were going to answer him” not too much “. Besides, try, at least to show him that you are not too stupid. breadcrumb like a goujat, he won’t know what to say (ha if “COURAGE”). And if he is really interested in you, he will suggest an appointment (not immediate, because immediate = sex = I take advantage of your vulnerability). No, a real date for chatting.

He compliments you a little too much

Here and there, he loves to remind you that you look great. You may be, but there always comes a point when saying too much becomes suspicious. It’s a way to spread the ointment that smells good, because it puts you in the head that all the other guys are worse, since all the other guys do not see in you this capital of genius that you hold. Obviously, by dint of compliments, you think that your whole life will be rich in love and self-esteem. But it simply compliments you so you don’t move. Respond “thank you (gratitude is good for your health), but I find you a bit shabby“.

He tells you he needs time

It’s normal that he needs time: he plans (maybe) to get in touch with you in 5 years, when he has found nothing better to do. So he keeps repeating that he has not recovered from his breaking, that life is not simple, that work shits, that he wonders about his future. And you, you say to yourself, here is a sensible boy, who thinks, who asks himself REAL QUESTIONS. He doesn’t really ask them. What is he doing? He makes the guy who has a certain outlook on life, the conscientious, respectful guy, who waits to turn a page or put things straight, before opening another. What do we think? That love, the desire of the other, to know him, rarely waits until we settle two or three files (even if we recognize it: sometimes it would be necessary).

He likes your Facebook posts

The statute “What is the point of living?“: He liked it. The last song you shared: he liked it. Your vacation photos: he liked them all. Besides, he likes to raise his thumb at improbable hours. You get notifications in the middle of the night, which concedes to this breadcrumbeur a completely mysterious air. The like method is stupid. And at the same time, as soon as you start to forget about it, it reappears. For him, the job is ridiculous, he has no effort to make. And you think he is paying attention. Wrong way. Each like is a crumb, remember that.

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