Good resolutions: we know precisely when you dropped them

Good resolutions: we know precisely when you dropped them

The month of January is often synonymous with good resolutions … But now, you have decided to reduce your alcohol consumption, eat a more balanced diet, lose a few pounds or register for the first time at the gym which is found at the bottom of your home, the hardest thing is not to get started, but rather to hold out over time!

Losing pounds, eating a more balanced diet… The good resolutions of the French

And the first few months are probably the most complicated: we change our habits, we make sacrifices to reach our goals, we go on a diet after the holiday excesses. For many French people, good resolutions are already a distant memory!

This is what reveals Deliveriver in a recent press release. If this home delivery service observed that at the beginning of last January the French tended to order healthier dishes than usual, they also noticed that, after a specific date, many of they had abandoned these back-to-school resolutions. According to their figures, it is from January 11 that many customers have traded healthy preparations for much more caloric dishes, such as burgers or pastries.

If you are among those who still keep their good resolutions, congratulations! You have just passed a not so simple course, that of mid-January!

Alcoholic drinks: is Dry January really popular?

And on the drinks side, the picture is mixed: if Dry January is trendy, sales of alcoholic drinks on the platform Deliverroo would only drop by 10% in January…

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