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Ghosting, disappearing to better break?

Le ghosting, disparaître pour mieux rompre ?

It doesn’t answer your calls, deleted you from Facebook, and your text messages also go unanswered. This way of making you understand that he no longer wants you now has a name: ghosting. Zoom on an increasingly frequent digital phenomenon.

Disappearto leave to leave someone. So far nothing new in the land of separations, except that what was only one way to break away from the rest is becoming a real trend called “ghosting”, or the art of making the ghost. In the era of ultra-connectivity, disappearing overnight is becoming more common. It is very simple to block and strike someone out of their digital world. Even though, let’s make no mistake, the world didn’t wait for Tinder and other express dating apps to appear.ghoster“. We only called that “take the tangent“or “sneak away”. This way of breaking was the subject of a study by YouGov and the Huffington post last October in the United States. Of 1000 people surveyed, 11% admitted having already “ghosted” their partner.

Why play Casper?

Reasons to be a ghost, there are many: lack of interest in others, fear of conflict, or simply the fear of being confronted with the suffering of the person you are leaving, of seeing the effect of our decision on that person. We all came across this boy, not unpleasant to look at, funny and quite fine, who had hidden his geek side from us … and his mother, with whom he still lived. Help ! In some cases, the temptation to “ghoster“wants to be fiery.

Similarly, if like Charlize Theron, your suspect your darling of being wrong with a stuntwoman (much less beautiful than you, by the way), difficult not to do like the actress who, according to rumors, would simply stopped responding to Sean Penn’s messages. It’s not the bravest attitude there is, but sometimes the circumstances taunt us and we only have one desire: to disappear without a trace. So much easier, certainly … but also terribly more frustrating for the other.

Friends / ghosters, truce of ectoplasmic practice: if a relationship does not suit you, the best solution is to say it clearly. Stop playing hide and seek. And if you really can’t do it and you don’t mind being a rascal, there is always Binder, the app that dumps for you.

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