Flat stomach: our best tips for losing belly fat quickly

Flat stomach: our best tips for losing belly fat quickly

Eat at regular times to have a flat stomach

Skip a meal or wait too long before eating lowers the blood glucose level (hypoglycemia). The ransom is the coup de barre … and snacking guaranteed with fat storage. To avoid skidding, you need to set a frame on the basis of three meals a day, each including satiating proteins. But if after the meal, you are flagada (digestive heaviness, feeling of overflow or swelling), it is better to split your food intake by planning a snack. The idea: avoid too much food in the stomach at the same time. Be careful, we don’t add a snack but we integrate it into our daily calorie intake!

The right snack: it’s protein + carbohydrates with fiber. Examples: 1 fruit + nuts. Want a sweetness? Limit the damage by opting for a half chocolate bar plus 1 glass of milk or 1 apple or 2 brown rice cakes + 30 g of white cheese at 20% • 1 slice of rye bread + 15 g of butter • 1 orange + 1 or 2 plain yogurts + 1 tsp. to c. oat care. Other tips and equivalences in Food ledger, Dr Laurence Plumey, Eyrolles edition.

Physical activity: the secret to keeping a flat stomach

To lose your stomach, it is not enough to review your plate. You also have to move. The easiest way, when you’re not a sportswoman at heart, is to walk. The goal is to encourage the body to burn calories and convert carbohydrates, fats and proteins, into energy rather than fat stores. It’s effective… provided you put the turbo! By adopting a speedy pace (from 7 to 9.5 km / h), we spend almost 300 kcal per hour instead of 200! Even if the benchmark is 30 minutes a day, you can split your walk into 2 sessions of 15 minutes, or even 3 sessions of 10 minutes.

And to boost your abs, the belt which muscles the belly thanks to electrodes why not. Insofar as we also practice “real” sport and we also limit fat, sweetness, etc. … this is targeted work which, in the long run, can pay off. The right session: 20 min a day for 3 to 4 weeks to start seeing the toning effect on the small belly. The top: the belt Slendertone Connect Abs, which provides targeted toning and gives access to Abdocure, a full 6-week program developed by coach Gady. On the program: sports exercises to optimize the effects of electro-stimulation and nutritional advice with sample meals to review your diet gently.

Flat stomach: choose anti-puffy foods

To slim down, it’s always better to bite an apple than going down a packet of cookies. On that, we agree. But in fruits, there are fibers and sugars (fructose, sorbitol), the excess of which can ferment in our intestines. It’s also a calorie intake that should not be overlooked. We avoid the biggest suppliers (bananas, cherries, lychees, mangoes, grapes, pineapples, etc.) in favor of the less sweet, which revolves around 50 kcal per 100 g: citrus, kiwi, red fruits, etc. Ripe or stewed fruit more digestible because the fibers are broken by cooking.

The right fruit quota is : 1 clementine or 1 kiwi in the morning, 1 fresh fruit salad at noon, 1 apple or 1 compote as a snack.

Fake friends : fruit juices because one liter is 600 kcal and about 100 g of sugar. Smoothies, on the other hand, quickly climb to 400 to 500 kcal per liter! And also soft on dried fruit: 1 handful of raisins, it’s 50 kcal, the equivalent of 2 sugars.

AT a priori, eating vegetables is great for the line since they contain almost 90% water. If we don’t drown them in sauce, it’s about 100 kcal per plate. Except that they too can swell the belly and cause little worries not very glam. Of course, we prefer them to slim down but we select those that ferment the least in the intestine: spinach, zucchini, green and yellow beans, carrot, eggplant, lettuce, turnip, peppers … Avoid: the cabbage group.

Prefer the cooked. Beware of the salad with raw vegetables. Raw vegetables can interfere with digestion due to their irritating fibers. Tips: consume them in small quantities, with a little starchy foods (rice, potatoes, pasta) or at the end of the meal. Grated, raw vegetables are also more digestible, due to the splitting of their fibers. Also prefer peeled and seeded tomatoes, green beans without wires etc … And of course, haro on the sauce!

Special mention for black radish : rich in sulfur compounds, this small vegetable stimulates the production of bile and contractions of the intestine. We understand why its consumption promotes transit! And on the calorie side, the black radish is absolutely poor: 18 kcal per 100 g. To taste in slices or grated but also cooked like a turnip in accompaniment of meat or fish! Or as a drink mixed with carrot juice to improve the taste, 15 min before the meal. Or in the form of capsules (Arkopharma Arkopharma, Elusanes Naturactive …). Digestive too: the artichoke.

Increase fibers gently to get a flat stomach

According to health experts, we should double our quota fiber and switch to 30 g per day. Because it is good for transit, thinness (it creates volume in the stomach and makes satiety last), but also for the balance of the intestinal flora. And that is essential, because studies have shown that its imbalance is a factor of overweight! Easy to boost your ration: replace refined products with brown rice or wholegrain pasta, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, add oat bran or ground flax seeds to your yogurt. But beware, you should not increase them quickly, otherwise you will get stomach aches. No more than 5 g of extra fiber per week.

5 g of fiber = 2 fruits (125 g) or 1 cup of vegetables (160 g) or 35 g oat bran or 15 g ground flaxseed or 85 g prune or 205 g brown rice or 145 g quinoa.

If whole foods are advised, beware of excess because the cereal seeds have not been ground. The cellulose envelope surrounding them can irritate the intestinal wall. If you’re bloating, trade your morning cereal bread for wholemeal or spelled or bran bread. And grill it, it will only be more digestible

And in case of lazy transit, have the prune reflex. This great classic anti constipation has the advantage of being a natural remedy. Of all dried fruits, it is the richest in fiber (15 per 100 g) and it also contains a component with laxative properties (phenylisatin). Hence the advice to eat 3 or 4 large prunes a day to make peace with your belly.

Slimming proteins, the allies of my flat stomach

Poultry (chicken, turkey) contains lean protein. Benefits ? They increase muscle mass, a large consumer of energy, require significant caloric combustion to be assimilated, and provide lasting satisfaction. Obviously, we forget the skin (too bad!) Because all the fat is concentrated there! These friendly proteins are also found in white ham, pork or veal tenderloin, veal cutlet, rabbit, white fish or even tofu and even semi-skimmed or skimmed dairy products. The trick: build each meal (breakfast included!) Around a 20 g serving of protein (= a quarter of daily needs).

20 g animal protein = 87 g chicken breast or 80 g turkey breast or tuna in natural can or 143 g white fish or 125 g white ham.

Also think of vegetable proteins: it’s the new hobbyhorse for nutritionists because it’s all good for slimming. Take the soy steak: rich in protein and low in fat, it can easily replace meat. But if we are not connected soy, tofu and company, we can refer to the whole armada of cereals and legumes which have the advantage of providing fiber and being very satisfying, so to cut short the desires snacking.

20 g vegetable protein = 167 g tofu or 76 g seitan (a food based on wheat protein) or 33 g of spirulina (seaweed) or 185 g of edamame (fresh soy bean) or 3 eggs or 235 g of lentils

Track down gluten and lactose to lose belly

It’s a fashion… but also a reality. There is more and more talk of “hypersensitivity” to this wheat protein which would affect many more people than the real allergy. If you are not well in your stomach, reduce or stop the wheat products (bread white, pastries …) for the benefit of those with corn flour, soy, buckwheat … and see if it gets better. And favor the ranges of bread, pasta, cookies … gluten-free that are now easily found in supermarkets. And be aware that the labels that mention wheat, wheat, spelled, barley, rye, starch, modified starch, starchy materials mean hidden gluten!

More and more people also complain of poorly digesting cow’s milk. The reason ? Its natural sugar, lactose, ferments in the colon, causing gas, swelling, indigestion … Try vegetable drinks (soy, almond, hazelnut, rice, chestnut …). Delicious to drink but also to cook, for example, desserts. Their plus: they are lactose and cholesterol free, and also low in saturated fat, which you have to limit when you want to lose weight.

Drinking more water to fight water retention

If you retain water, you tend not to drink enough. However to drive away excess water, you need to hydrate yourself throughout the day in order to eliminate the waste that fouls the body and prevents it from functioning well, from digesting well … If you are prone to the evils of stomach, it is better to drink without meals, half an hour before or after. In all, 1.5 liters per day, or 6 to 8 glasses starting at breakfast to wake up the digestive system. Choose a water rich in magnesium sulfates with a slightly laxative power, like Hepar. And avoid drinking too cold or with a straw. And flee the flavored waters! 1 liter can contain up to 10 sugars!

Good tip: sip star anise: also called star anise, this granny remedy naturally relieves gurgling. We drink this herbal tea after each meal, 1 star anise corresponding to a cup.

Homemade infusion : heat the water to a boil, then pour over the stars. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Retail sale in pharmacies or organic stores.

Ready mix: star anise + mint + anise + verbena. This organic infusion contains neither artificial flavor enhancers nor colorings. And the plants are wrapped in cool sachets without staples. “Organic infusion after meal”, Pagès: 20 sachets € 3.00 in supermarkets

Limit sugars and salt to lose belly

The enemies of the line are fast sugars which cause blood sugar levels to rise, resulting in a spike in insulin which promotes storage and therefore weight gain. When you want to lose weight, the ideal is to limit yourself to the equivalent of 2 to 3 sugars per day. 1 sugar = 5 g = 20 kcal. 1 C. to s. powdered sugar = 40 kcal. Easy to eliminate those that you add to your coffee, tea, yogurt… even if you barter them for a little Stevia. Those who are stuck in the recipes are more difficult to control. Start by reading the labels: the more the word “sugar” comes at the top of the list of ingredients, the more there are!

To keep your account, here are some guidelines:

1 chocolate bread or 1 slice of cake or 1 bowl of breakfast cereal (80 g) = 2 to 3 sugars

1 fruit yogurt or 1 tablespoon of jam or honey or 1 teaspoon of hazelnut spread = 2 sugars

1 light compote (100 g) or a cookie or 2 chocolate squares (10 g) or 1 candy or 1 scoop of sorbet = 1 sugar

As for salt, it is the sworn enemy of water retention. It retains it in the tissues, thus preventing its elimination. Result: our body is hot air ballooning. First reflexes: no salt shaker at the table and goodbye cold meats, cheeses, aperitif cookies, condiments and ready-made sauces. Like sugar, hidden salt remains the most pernicious. To give flavor, we fall back on spices and herbs. We can try the “false salt”, in which potassium chloride replaces sodium chloride (pharmacy and health food store) or light salt, mixture of salt and aromatics (in GMS). Light products, such as ham with less than 25% salt, also allow a small saving. A benchmark: do not exceed 4 to 5 g, which amounts to halving your usual consumption.

There is 1 g of salt in: 1 pinch of salt or 1/3 of baguette or 30 g of cheese or 1 slice of sausage or ham or 100 g of pizza or quiche or 1 bowl of store-bought soup or 1 tomato juice (200 ml).

Fake friends : butter cookies or dry cookies. Yes, even sweet foods contain salt! Carbonated waters too rich in sodium such as St Yorre, Vichy Celestin, Arvie.

Bet on good fat to have a flat stomach

Too fatty a dish, it is heavy to digest and that “nourishes” the fat cells. However, do not completely eliminate fat but opt ​​for the best, those found in rapeseed and nut oils, nuts, flaxseeds and fatty fish. Moreover, ANSES (National Food Safety Agency) has revised the recommended nutritional intake (ANC): now, lipids can reach 35 to 40% of our daily calories.

Good benchmarks: do not exceed 2 tsp. to s. of oil per day or 10 g of butter. No more than 2 dishes in sauce in the week. Light 15% cream for cooking. 3 slices of sausage is like eating 10 g of butter. 1 handful of oilseeds provides 100 to 120 kcal and the equivalent of 1 tsp. to s. oil.

But that’s no reason to cook sad. Of course, you must avoid fried foods that make you belly or thighs. On the other hand, it’s not just steam cooking that is useful when you want to eat light. With water, stuffed it, in the oven, in a foil and with lots of spices, multiply the cooking methods in order to break the diet routine.

Pamper your intestinal flora to lose belly

Yes to probiotics. These friendly bacteria that populate our intestinal flora and improve digestion want us good! Numerous researches have shown that they allow not only to find a flat stomach, but also to positively modify the absorption of certain nutrients, in particular fats. To strengthen its flora, we consume once a day plain yogurt with bifidus, Lactobacillus casei or equivalent, and from time to time we take a course of food supplements.

And against stomach upset, like dill, an effective aromatic plant. As it is very fragrant, it also makes it possible to forget the salt. Ideal with slightly bland white fish such as pollock or cod. More unusual, test it in grains with fried shrimp …

For a light express entry, mix 2 plain velvety yogurts with 1 tsp. to s. mustard and 3 tsp. to s. chopped dill. Add 2 diced cucumbers. Pepper.

Also good for digestion: chives, thyme, basil, tarragon, mint, bay leaf …

Flat stomach: better to consume starchy foods

Pasta, rice, semolina, potatoes, pulses … starchy foods are a source of top complex carbohydrates for satiety, long-lasting energy and pleasure. But they must be chewed, otherwise their starch is poorly assimilated, resulting in intestinal fermentations. And also watch the quantities. A starchy dish provides on average 250 kcal, or 40 g of carbohydrates like a half baguette. To eat less, combine them with vegetables, with each meal. Unlimited steamed vegetables + 2 tsp. to s. starchy food is enough to prevent hunger between meals. We don’t drown them in butter, sauce, grated cheese… But we simmer them with tomatoes, onions, spices…

Learn to manage stress

We know from experience, our stomach juggles with stress! The explanation: the gut behaves like a brain. It contains more than one hundred million neurons and is in direct communication with our emotions. An emotional grain of sand is enough to break digestion. Managing stress is just as important as correcting your diet. Yoga, sophrology, meditation, relaxation … there is no better solution than any other. It’s up to you to choose the activity with which you feel in tune and, above all, that you find motivating enough to practice it at least once a week.

The key to a flat stomach is to breathe as well. Try this exercise that works the deepest abdominal muscle, the transverse muscle, the one that makes the stomach flat and marks the waist. Lying on the back, knees slightly bent, one hand on the lower abdomen below the navel. Inhale and inflate the belly. To do this, push the air down the belly. You should feel your hand go up because the belly is filling with air. Exhale without jerking, slowly. You should feel your hand go down as your belly becomes empty. Push the exhalation out all the way down until you flatten your belly. Repeat ten times, lengthening the duration of inspiration and expiration. To practice for 5 minutes several times a week.

Palpate-roll: massage your stomach like a pro

The key to a pretty belly? Massage with firmness and regularity, every day, if possible morning and evening, with a product with a high caffeine content that burns fat (like Percutaféine, Elancyl, etc.). No little papouilles, here we go free! Start by massaging in circular movements to warm the epidermis. Continue with mini palpate roll, sliding the skin over a centimeter. Gradually increase the finger pressure and the length of the massage. Grab a small bead and place your fingers at both ends. Then back and forth, back and forth, as if you were kneading a small ball of dough.

The icing on the cake, you can treat yourself to a massage in an institute like this special flat stomach treatment. Only 15 minutes per session. Its effectiveness is linked to a toned and hyper-targeted mechanical rolling sensation. The ideal is to do 10 to 12 sessions spread over approximately 2 months in order to obtain a real result. But already after six massages, the skin seems smoother, firmer. But no miracle! The protocol must be accompanied by real efforts at the food level. Tummy care destock LPG ®, 30 €, the session.

Last tip: trick by wearing trompe l’oeil tights! Nobody has yet invented leggings that make you lose weight! But as long as we haven’t lost enough belly, or when we can’t lose any more, we can nevertheless refine its silhouette thanks to a clever tights with a plastron in front (Lytess type), which smooths out the small belly, a reinforcement zone that pushes the buttocks and micro-draining capsules (red vine, caffeine, etc.) integrated into the textile fiber.

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