First date: 6 proofs that it hangs

Premier rendez-vous : 6 preuves qu

Now we are sitting opposite each other, discussing everything, nothing, a little of both. We find him charming, Louis. But what does he think of us? Does he hang on or does he care? Small clues for big conclusion.

It is in the open position

A relaxed attitude, open arms, raised head … This is a good sign. Louis is well, completely present and does not feel the need to hide, to flee or even to shut himself up. Because we heard it a hundred times: who crosses his arms seems distant, folded. Even if we must not forget the factor “shyness” which could push anyone to protect themselves. But as long as the smile is frank, sir is there. Interested and there.

He asks you lots of questions

Nothing better. If Louis never returns any questions to you and does not show curiosity, there is reason to doubt. But if on the contrary he bombards you with questions, if he takes care to question you on every detail of your life, your job, your parents, your friends, your cat and your cinematic tastes, then it smells good.

He has dilated pupils

When a person is excited, their pupils can reach up to four times their ordinary size (it is pupillometry which studies all that). So if your interlocutor has the pupil which is getting bigger, finally the pupils which are getting bigger, there is no need to say: he is getting really, really enamored.

He trembles, he stammers

Louis is troubled. If it’s not proof that you like him, that’s it. He searches for his words, he balances generalities with the air of blaming himself for being so “banal”, his fingers tremble slightly when taking the bill, his gaze wants you, but hides for a second here, over there … He is simply moved.

He teases you

As the saying goes, who likes to chastise well. If he is funny and teases you, if he punctuates his speech with a few valves, it is a safe bet that he is seductive, the desire to please you and to make you melt. We keep our susceptibility away from us.

It fixes your eyes, your face

Even if he is shy and his eyes flee from time to time for fear of being caught in the act of love, the interested man will tend to look for your eyes, your mouth, your face, your expressions … Your breasts also, why not. Simple curiosity about your desirability attributes. But if he spends the evening with his eyes in your chest, he is interested in you, certainly, but for what exactly?

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