Farmers are the most sexually active, 27% of lawyers simulate …

Les fermiers sont les plus actifs sexuellement, 27% des avocat simulent...

Hairdressers, farmers, architects … What are the best performing professions in bed? An Anglo-Saxon study signed Lelo UK reveals that journalists are the most dissatisfied and that 63% of doctors say they are “incredible” in bed, but not only …

It is quite curious, but they did it! The brand of intimate luxury products Lelo UK studied the sexuality of the British … in relation to their profession. Attention, here is what to amuse the gallery during the festive meals …

  • Libido : Is it the fact of working in the open air that heats up cultivators, breeders, winegrowers and other grain producers? It is the farmers who position themselves at the head of the professions most fond of hugs, with 33% of them admitting to being excited “at least once a day”. They are followed by advertisers, lawyers and teachers. Among architects and hairdressers, this figure is much lower (21% and 17%).
  • Performance : According to this survey established by Atomik Research on adults over the age of 18 across the UK, lfarmers would also be the best performers in bed because 67% of them describe their leg parts in the air as“unbelievable” ! It’s a little less among doctors (63%), the architects (43%) and journalists (40%)… The advertisers, they seem paradoxically the most modest in this game because they rank last in the qualification of their antics.
  • Frequency : The journalists would not often take action if this survey was to be believed. Indeed, they are 20% to declare to make love only once a month!
  • Simulation : The workers and the farmers (again them) say never to simulate during the act at, respectively, 69% and 67%. For their part, these are the lawyers who win the palm of the best liars: they are 27% to admit simulate an orgasm every time you have sex and 31% to see that their partner also simulates.
  • Satisfaction : Journalists first to complain about their partner : 60% of them admit that they share their diaper with someone “way” sexually. 40% of them want to make love once a week and, at a minimum, for 30 minutes. Judges (75%) and workers (74%) would be better able “to talk to their partner about their dissatisfaction in bed”. An obviously commendable act! Doctors are involved in couple therapy: 81% of them discuss their sex life and its problems with their partner.

Sex expert Kate Moyle commented on this data as follows: “We have to take into account that there is a large amount of peculiarities that impact people’s sexual life and sexuality. However, what we can hope for are trends, for example, the level of physical activity in a career like that of a farmer, compared to a person who would be in an office because it can impact the level of physical health and energy. The lifestyle factors of our jobs like flexibility in working hours and the environment in which we evolve professionally are able to impact our lives in general and not only our sexual lives. “

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