Extreme diets, eating disorders … EnjoyPhoenix reveals everything she has done to her body

Extreme diets, eating disorders ... EnjoyPhoenix reveals everything she has done to her body

Weight loss, weight gain and obsession with food

In a recent video posted on her Youtube channel, and already viewed almost 500,000 times, the famous influencer Marie Lopez, aka EnjoyPhoenix, confides in and reveals all that she has been able to bring to her body for years …

The one who shares her daily life and her travel shots with her 4.8 million subscribers on Instagram admits and regrets having “stopped eating”, in the hope of losing weight … In view of her participation in the show Dance with the stars, EnjoyPhoenix is ​​said to have lost between 15 and 20 pounds, an obsession with eating that has caused her to have many eating disorders that she had a very hard time getting rid of.

“I was just extremely afraid of people’s gaze, I was very, very, very afraid of what people were going to think of me, of my weight in the cute outfits of Dance with the stars”, explains the young woman, 24 years old.

By “undernourishing”, by “demonizing” food, Marie Lopez, who gradually fell into anorexia, bulimia, lost big. “I lost everything: energy, health, vitality, I lost muscle, I lost everything! I also lost my Mental Health, she admits. Even if this very dark period is now behind her, her metabolism, very disturbed by the yoyo effects, still suffers.

It therefore encourages people who feel bad about themselves, who wish to lose pounds, or gain weight, to turn to specialists, psychologists, nutritionists, for support and supervision.

Fatigue, stress, immune system… Marie Lopez admits not listening to herself

If the eating disorders from which the young woman suffered were right for her physical and mental health, she recognizes that her lifestyle as a whole was not going well.

Thus, she talks about sleep disorders, particularly related to the time differences of her many trips, her will to continue working despite fatigue, the body’s symptoms and signals, the weakened immune system, stress, etc.

“When I did not listen to the alarm bells of my body, it is because I simply did not respect it, and that I did not respect the fact that it was my house, and my carnal envelope, and that if I didn’t take care of it. Nobody was going to do it for me … “, says Marie Lopez.

Complexes, self-confidence and lack of caring

On the mental side too, EnjoyPhoenix reveals that she suffered, spending her time bashing herself. These constant criticisms, this mania, always comparing himself with others, were right in his confidence in her. She therefore denounces this vicious circle in which she has been, this lack of benevolence and this obsession with complexes: “If you spend your time bashing your body, bashing your skin, bashing who you are, and how you are made, it will have an impact on your mind, but also on the way you act with your body and your way of ‘interact with people “.

Smoking: EnjoyPhoenix smoked… And regret!

Finally, the youtuber ends her video by talking about smoking. Addressing very young people, Marie Lopez has always wanted to hide from her audience that she smoked, believing that this was “not an example to follow”.

Despite numerous attempts to quit smoking, the French influencer has never really managed to cut down on cigarettes, which however prevents her from reaching her “maximum sporting capacities” and which could have avoided or reduced her, many health concerns.

But this year, the young woman is determined to quit smoking, since quitting smoking is one of her good resolutions!

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