Elephant tattoo: origin and meaning

Tatouage éléphant : origine et signification

Majestic and impressive, the elephant is one of those animals for which one cannot help feeling a certain tenderness. But did you know that this pachyderm will also make an excellent candidate for a tattoo?

When you imagine a tattoo with an animal, it may not be the elephant that comes to mind first, but after reading this article, you may change your mind!

Because this fascinating pachyderm has only qualities – or almost – and by choosing an elephant tattoo, you will hope that they rub off a little on you. The quiet strength, loyalty, immense wisdom acquired over the course of his long life, the intelligence and the memory he is given … Everything is good to take! This gigantic animal also represents a real lucky charm in certain Asian cultures, and especially in India, where it symbolizes luck and knowledge, in particular by offering its features to the very revered god Ganesh.

Now that the meaning of the elephant tattoo has no more secrets for you, and you are convinced that it is the motif you need, here are some ideas to achieve it.
The more shy of you may prefer a small elephant tattoo, quite simple and discreet, which you can hide or show according to your mood. You’re lucky, it’s very trendy, especially among women. A small elephant head or the entire animal can thus be drawn in an ultra-thin line without filling. A little more stylized, the geometric elephant head, origami style, you will certainly be seduced, just like the elephant mandala tattoo, filled with shapes that call for meditation, and the tribal elephant tattoo, energetic as you wish.
But you can also choose a completely realistic pattern, in color or not, with which you can play on the position of the proboscis, in the air or not, and the movement of the legs, to create a tattoo that you like 100%.
Equally complex and surprising, the Indian elephant tattoo, rich in colors and patterns, which will highlight the divine symbol that it represents there, or the elephant tattoo in watercolor style, to emphasize your artistic side.
And why limit yourself to a single animal? You can absolutely include a family of elephants, linked to each other by the proboscis and the tail, to evoke this powerful bond with your half and your children.
We also like the ultra original pencil pencil tattoo, as well as the association of another motif such as a flight of birds coming out of the trunk, for example, to express your thirst for freedom.
Disney fans will inevitably have in mind a dumbo tattoo, made with a fine line, with the little elephant sitting for example on its hindquarters, holding a feather or a flower, or trying to catch a heart with its trunk.

A minimalist elephant tattoo will find its place on the inside of a wrist, on the nape of the neck or even on the ankle. For a larger model, give it a large surface to enhance it, such as the shoulder, arm, forearm, or even the top of the back and the thigh. Some men, particularly fans of indelible ink, will be able to crack on an elephant tattoo on the top of the hand, with the horn drawn along the middle finger, for a surprising result.

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