Declaration of birth: deadline, place, procedures

Déclaration de naissance : délai, lieu, démarches

Declaration at the town hall, with your employer, the Caf or social security … Until when can we declare the birth of a child? We take stock of the steps to be taken, so as not to forget anything.

To the baby birth, some administrative procedures waiting for you, starting with the birth declaration At the mayor ! When to officially announce the baby’s name? When to notify your employer? What documents to provide to the Caf or to health insurance in order to benefit from family allowances? We take stock of the administrative procedures to be carried out at the birth of your child.

A bill presented by Hervé Marseille this January 8, 2020 concerns the declaration of place of birth. Indeed, so far, birthplace corresponds to the town hall of the maternity hospital in which the mother gave birth, since “birth declarations are made to the registrar at the place of delivery“specifies the government. The text thus envisages the possibility of choosing the place where the parents reside.”In a period of regrouping of health establishments, this text leads to a concentration of birth declarations in an ever more limited number of municipalities. This leads above all to the drying up of the civil registers of all the others “, specify the authors of this bill presented to the Senate.

The birth declaration must be performed within five days of delivery, by a person who attended the birth (usually the father). She’s from elsewhere compulsory for all children born in France (or abroad according to different formalities), and is done directly at the town hall of the place of birth. The birth certificate is then drafted directly on the spot by a civil status officer. Some public hospitals even offer a permanence in the maternity service to save birth certificates, inquire. Warning, if this five-day deadline is not respected, the birth can only be registered in the civil registers “on presentation of a judgment rendered by the high court of the place of birth of the child”, specifies the ministry.

What documents to provide?

The delivery certificate drawn up by the doctor or midwife, the act of recognition if it was done before the birth of the child, the identity card of both parents, the family booklet to add the child if one of the parents already has one, and the declaration of the choice of family name. Recall that since 2005, parents can choose to name their child by the father’s name, that of the mother, or with the two surnames joined together.

If you wish to benefit from assistance from the Family Allowance Fund, and in particular the basic allowance for the childcare allowance (Paje), do not delay making your declaration to your Caf. The birth of your baby, depending on the situation and income, thus opens the right to Family allowances… If you are already a beneficiary, you can make your declaration directly online.

Documents required

Your baby’s birth certificate, and the change of situation declaration.

As soon as the baby is born, you will need to make an appointment with your pediatrician to carry out the vaccinations and other examinations of the infant. So don’t delay prevent your health insurance so that visits and care are quickly taken care of. For this, you can make your declaration directly on the site via your Ameli account, in the section “My procedures” option “Declare the birth of my child”.

Documents required :

An extract from your baby’s birth certificate or a photocopy of your family book, as well as the attachment form n ° S3705 completed.

So that the mutual can also reimburse you for part of the care covered, in addition to your health insurance, do not forget to declare the birth of your baby as soon as possible after you leave maternity.

Documents required :

A letter sent by mail accompanied by your child’s birth certificate or a copy of your family book.

Both parents must declare the birth of their child with their respective employers in order to be able to benefit from maternity or paternity leave.

Documents required :

An extract from the birth certificate.

What are the other organisms to prevent?

  • A birth certificate must also be sent, as soon as possible, to your insurance company with which you have taken out a Home Insurance, so that your newborn baby is included in your contract.
  • Regarding taxes, no need to send them a letter, it will suffice to specify the birth of your baby during the next tax return.
  • Finally, don’t forget to contact the crèche, especially if you reserved a place while you were pregnant. A birth certificate can be sent to them (or to the town hall if you have not given birth in the same city).
  • To save time and not feel overwhelmed at the end of maternity, start by gathering all the documents, preparing letters and envelopes … to be better organized and not forget anything.

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