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Like many women, I am looking for an activity to keep the line without too much stress and effort. I am told about the Curves program: a 30-minute slimming course specially reserved for women. Seduced by the concept, I sign up for a test session.

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The first thing that strikes me is that in the room there is no mirror. Several fitness machines are placed next to each other spaced by a small square platform and form a circle. Women pass from one machine to another every second, alternating recovery phases on the small square platform. I go to Aurélie, the coach who will guide me during this 30-minute session. Behind her, a huge wall filled with post-it notes catches my attention. On each of them is noted the name of a member with the number of pounds lost in X days.
Aurélie invites me to sit down and questions me about my state of health and my goals. Each new member must first make a blian before starting the sessions. Once all the questions have been asked, it’s time for me to start this slimming circuit.

The course

For 30 minutes, you must switch every 30 seconds from one machine to another (8 minimum) which works all the muscles of the body. These hydraulic resistance devices are adapted to the female morphology and aim to increase the metabolism and burn fat.
I start my circuit with a device that makes the arms work. A small explanatory sign details the exercise and Aurélie, who is near me, explains the exercise to me. No time to get tired, after 30 seconds, I pass on the small square platform to recover by making a few movements that accelerate the heart rate, then 30 seconds later, I pass to the neighboring device which makes me work the lower body. The exercise requires effort, but it is neither painful nor tiresome since 30 seconds have already passed and you have to go to the recovery platform. 15 minutes later, Aurélie asks me to take my pulse. The heart rate is perfect. I can continue.
A lively music punctuates the session, which motivates the efforts. The circuit is punctuated by a gentle stretching session to avoid aches the next day. The 30 minutes thus pass at lightning speed. At the end of the session, I feel that my body has worked, but I am not exhausted.


Aurélie asks me for my impressions: I feel good. I have not seen the time gone by and I have not had to think about what I should do. I am far from the efforts of the weight rooms and fitness classes with my nose glued to the mirror. I valid !

I loved

The 30-minute route that you can do when you want within the opening hours of the center, practical when you are a mom who juggles between school trips and work. We come here when we have a niche provided it is 3 times a week; Coaching

I did not like

The fact that there is no center near me …


39 to 54 euros per year for a 12-month commitment


The Curves slimming course in video

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