CrossFit for a toned silhouette

Le CrossFit pour une silhouette tonique

To work your whole body and refine your figure, go to CrossFit! Intense but devilishly effective, this activity is ideal for boosting your weight loss.

CrossFit is THE trendy sport of recent months. Straight from the United States, this physical activity is attracting more and more women. His promises? Develop your physical condition, burn as many calories as possible, refine your figure by tapping into fat and gaining muscle. Results, your thighs are sculpted, your buttocks toned and your belly flatter than ever.

CrossFit: what is it?

It is a sport that combines weightlifting, cardio and gymnastics exercises. Weightlifting concerns all that is additional load and weight (loaded bar, kettlebell, etc.) Then there is the cardio category with all the exercises that increase your heart rate. There can be rower, jump rope, bike … Finally, there is the gym with bodyweight exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, squats. “By mixing these 3 disciplines, you get an infinite combination of movements which allows you to have always different training formats.” explains Guillaume, headcoach of the Box CrossFit XIII at CMG One Italy. A session lasts 1 hour and consists of several exercises to be performed in a given time, which is called a WOD or Workout of the Day. The goal is to vary the pleasures and not to fall into the routine.

For who ?

Even though it is one of the most intense activities, CrossFit is for everyone and especially for everyone. But to avoid being thrown into the deep end from the first session, most CrossFit boxes offer introductory sessions to get a first glimpse of the discipline before launching. “At CrossFit XIII, we provide a pack of 5 sessions which allows you to have a progressive learning. It is less intense than a traditional course but it is more technical to learn the good movements and the good placements.” specifies Guillaume.

Is it possible to lose weight thanks to Crossfit?

Totally! You have to know … With CrossFit, you will sweat! It is a discipline really based on high intensity. The energy expenditure (= calories) is so important that you will inevitably draw on fat. By combining it with a healthy and balanced diet, you can finally get rid of your extra pounds. But beware, the results may not be seen immediately on the scales. Remember that muscle is heavier than fat.

What effects on the silhouette?

The benefits on the line are many. In addition to stimulating weight loss, CrossFit slims and tones the body. The curves are sculpted and the silhouette sharper.

Which areas of the body are most stressed?

All of them! And this is the main asset of the discipline. “If you are coming to lose your buttocks, we will do squats and lunges but above all we will make you move in full. We will never do a localized session on the buttocks. CrossFit is a functional activity, based on useful movements in everyday life. “

How often to refine?

To lose weight, it is best to practice CrossFit at least 3 times a week. Technical results arrive very quickly; surpassing oneself, agility, flexibility, balance …

  • Where to practice?
    CrossFit XIII CMG One Italy: 14 rue Vandrezanne 75013 Paris
    CrossFit XVII CMG One Saint-Lazare: 11-13 rue Boursault 75017 Paris
  • More information here

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