Confi-sutra: 5 caliente positions to test in this unprecedented period

Confi-sutra : 5 positions caliente à tester en cette période inédite

Often, we don’t have too much time to make love or not really want to get out of the beaten track. Now that we are confined, we might as well have fun: what if we tried to practice some bizarre Kamasutra positions, those that we tend to zap?

Love the missionary, enjoy a greyhound, declare his love in a spoon… Kâmasûtra level, we tend to always practice the same positions. Great good for us: they are accessible and pleasant. In short, that sure values. Except that we see confinement from a new and profitable angle: what if it was an opportunity, in the face of passing time, to try some pirouettes? Certain positions sometimes make us an eye, but out of laziness and desire to stick to what we adore, we ignore them. Today, let’s rehabilitate them (like a nap and dinner in front of the TV…). To your pleasure!

The Extreme Connection

The extreme connection © Mathilde Morieux

This one, it is practiced little: it looks like a special position “under the desk”. Indeed, the two partners are one. Be careful, it is not easy to achieve, but at the moment, we want to take up challenges, so … The two partners face each other cross-legged, then come to nest by lifting their thighs. A very fusional position, which makes you want to take refuge in love and enjoyment … It is very-very confinement.

Arm up, Arm down

Arm up, arm down © Mathilde Morieux

The arm-in-arm position, let’s admit that it questions us? Do we really have to go that far? Waking up your memories of the gym (come on girls, you touch your big toe …)? Let’s say yes, because this position has several merits: she’s funny (maybe we’ll laugh), she makes us do a little exercise (which is not nothing since we spend our days walking from the kitchen to the living room…) and it offers (nevertheless) a deep and nice penetration.

The Meeting Table

The meeting table © Mathilde Morieux

Notice to all teleworkers who can’t take a break in the yard, and the hundred paces that go with it … The La Table de Réunion position is perfect for catching your breath (or losing it …). As in our most exquisite dreams, we rid the table of a madness and we settle down. The woman lies down on the table, buttocks at the edge, and the gentleman comes gently to penetrate her. Also to be tested in the kitchen … But you wash well behind you.


Spanish © Mathilde Morieux

Let’s have fun with this Iberian position which surely evokes something for you … The view of a peninsula? The man is lying on his back and can lean on his elbows (not to miss anything of the show). The woman kneels, between her legs, to grab the penis of her partner … between her breasts. And it’s fine, and it’s coming … and it’s good. That’s right, it’s good, so why don’t we ever think about it?

Pleasure halfway

Pleasure halfway © Mathilde Morieux

We love: the woman sits on her favorite chair, and her partner, on the floor, comes to give her cunnilingus. A top practice between two Netflix episodes, finally halfway … We don’t even have to leave the living room and we get off without taking the lead. After that, nothing prevents you from reversing: before episode 3 …

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