CAT method: to enjoy an intense missionary orgasm

Méthode CAT : pour jouir d

Advanced in the 1990s, the CAT method – which has nothing to do with your cat, but means “Coital Alignment Technique” – revisits the position of the missionary for more fusion, pleasure and orgasms. We explain to you.

In a world that boasts of acrobatic sexuality, the position of the missionary is associated with Saturday evening a little plan-plan. A serious mistake: missionary sex does not necessarily rhyme with starfish, vanilla sex and deadly boredom. On the contrary, the comfort and the simplicity of the missionary allow to focus on his pleasure rather than his abs. Another advantage: we can see and hear each other, where the greyhound slightly blurs the contact. So, to reinvest the missionary and take advantage of this enjoyment bomb, let’s come to the CAT – for technical coital alignment. This technique, which spices up coitus and is closer to female pleasure, more languid, has everything easy: the name (impossible to forget) and the realization (there is almost nothing to do).

Heading for the CAT: how to practice?

For practice CAT, so we start by making love as a missionary. Only, here, the bodies merge to the maximum. The goal is to be glued-tight, the man lying (almost spread out, but with a little restraint anyway) on his partner, who squeezes his legs. To accentuate the fusion, the woman can also wrap them around her partner. Then – and together – the two little cats (you have it?) Operate pelvic movements, enough to remember that yes, if, of course, women are (also) active during love. It is therefore not the back-and-forth movement that is honored (there are no entries and exits in the literal sense, like a jackhammer) but a calm and repeated slide between the two basins. In short, we undulate, we dance, and it’s beautiful.

Why do we like the CAT method?

This missionary variant intensifies the pressure exerted on the glans of clitoris, an essential point for more pleasure, especially when we know that penetration alone tends to divert us from orgasm. And if the CAT technique allows more stimulation of the clitoris, it does not neglect the internal sensations: since everything is played gently, the penis moves quietly against the vaginal walls and it’s good. And then, who says CAT does not say that you can’t roar: if you want to change your tone, it’s up to you to go on a more pissed off missionary. Enjoy!

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