Butterfly tattoo: meaning and models

Tatouage papillon : signification et modèles

As you will no doubt have noticed, the butterfly is one of those motifs whose popularity is not weakening in the tattoo world, quite the contrary. Discover our ideas to find yours.

If we run after him throughout our childhood, we would like, once adults, to catch him for good to adorn our skin! And yes, the butterfly tattoo never ceases to charm us, because it is of course aesthetic, on the one hand, but also because it has strong meanings. The butterfly evokes everyone’s ability to to renew, to change your life if you are no longer satisfied with your own. It also reminds us that we must enjoy life, because that of a lepidoptera is short, you know! With your wings, you obviously can’t help but think of this thirst for freedom that drives us all, and that we may want to remember regularly. But it can also simply represent our love of nature and our desire to become one with it.

If the butterfly tattoo predominantly seduces women, it is versatile enough to be able to please men too. There are thus quite discreet butterfly patterns and even minimalist, with fine contours and no filling, in small sizes. But more stylized tattoos are obviously possible with for example patterns inside a large butterfly, or even a color butterfly, like a watercolor, or like an old school tattoo, with bright colors, bold outlines and shadow effects.
It is also up to you to decide whether you prefer a single butterfly or several, of the same size or not, with for example small butterflies flying off the wings of a larger motif.

Thinking of your limited butterfly tattoo options? No! You can already choose the lepidoptera that will accompany you throughout your life: a Monarch butterfly, majestic, a moth to remind you of your lifestyle, or even a Ulysse butterfly, with a spellbinding blue that will attract all eyes. It can also take the appearance of a fairy or fill with lace, for an ultra girly look, or be graphic with geometric lines or a tribal motif.
A butterfly tattoo drawn in 3D You will be seduced by its realism, and you will surely bluff more than one person.
You are also free to associate it with other patterns such as a flower from which the butterfly can fly, for example, or stars for double protection. You can add a word or a first name important to you, follow it with lines to represent its flight (and perhaps yours), have it drawn in profile or back, wings spread or not… There is no shortage of ideas!

The location of your tattoo will obviously depend on its size and whether you want to hide it or not. A small butterfly tattoo can easily be placed on a wrist, an ankle or even on the neck to better surprise as soon as you raise your hair in a bun.
A larger model will best express itself on the back, on the arm or even under the chest for a tattoo at the height of the sexy.

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