Brigitte Macron, Didier Deschamps and Kendji return to childhood at Disneyland [PHOTOS]

Brigitte Macron, Didier Deschamps et Kendji retournent en enfance à Disneyland [PHOTOS]

To help sick children and adolescents, Brigitte Macron, Didier Deschamps, Kendji and Jean-Luc Reichmann spent the day of January 29 at Disneyland Paris. On the program: all kinds of attractions and private concerts. See rather …

The sun has come to the fore, to the delight of sick children who spent the day at Disneyland Paris, January 29. As part of Operation Yellow Pieces, to improve the conditions of care for sick children and adolescents, Brigitte Macron and Didier Deschamps welcomed nearly 300 young people in the park and spent the day with them, between attractions and private concerts of Vianney, Joyce Jonathan, Christophe Mae and other artists.
Animator Jean-Luc Reichmann, who was also present, wanted to immortalize these moments of conviviality, and shared them on Instagram.

Brigitte Macron and Jean-Luc Reichmann: a day out of time

The first lady appears there, smiling and relaxed, in the company of children delighted to have left their hospital room for a day. Pauline’s mother, suffering from interferonopathy (a succession of autoimmune diseases that requires hospitalization every three months) explained to France Blue : We are amazed, we do not think about the hospital (…) When we have moments that are more complicated, we will think again! it puts balm in the heart. “ A day that visibly delighted all participants, judging by the smiles that the host of Twelve noon shots wanted to share.

As president of the Fondation H̫pitaux de Paris РH̫pitaux de France, Brigitte Macron chairs theOperation Yellow Pieces alongside Didier Deschamps, and regularly visits the bedside of young patients in hospitals. His arduous mobilization with young people and his compassion even earned him the title of 4th woman of the year 2019 among 10-14 year olds, according to magazine survey Okapi.

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