Body wrap: what is this wrapping technique that promises a flat stomach worth?

Body wrap: what is this wrapping technique that promises a flat stomach worth?

What if the secret to having a thin waist was in a kitchen cupboard or drawer? Losing your little can without dieting is the promise of the body wrap, a slimming technique that has come back to the forefront in recent years. According to followers of this method, cellophane (the transparent film used for food packaging) would have a flat stomach. It would therefore suffice to wrap this area of ​​the body with cling film to lose a few centimeters of waist circumference.

Body wrap: what is it?

The body wrap translates as “body wrap” in French. So this is a technique that involves using cellophane to wrap around the area of ​​your body that you want to slim down. The more adventurous sometimes come to cover their entire body with this translucent film. The body wrap plays the role of a sheath. This is why, some people perform this method while exercising. This slimming process is not new. Indeed, the body wrap was a very popular method in the 80s and 90s.

This technique is intended to stimulate perspiration. Before wrapping the cellophane on the targeted part of the body, you should apply a slimming treatment or a homemade mixture that will infiltrate the skin. The wrapping of cellophane would potentiate the effects of the product while causing heat to accelerate the sweating process. This phenomenon facilitates fluid loss and helps eliminate toxins, which escape in sweat. Result: the size would be more refined.

There are three types of wrap:

  • The wrap in the form of a patch: the patch is made up of gel containing active ingredients, such as sophoricoside. It can also contain natural extracts, such as jojoba seeds, or be soaked in essential oils
  • The wrap in the form of care: it is presented as a mask for the body. It contains active ingredients from plants known for their slimming, detox, fat-burning and anti-cellulite effects. These active ingredients promote waist refinement
  • Homemade wrap: in this case, the mixture to be applied to the desired area is made by itself. For this, it is possible to use green clay, algae or essential oils

Where to use the body wrap?

The body wrap is not just for the stomach. It can be used on other parts of the body such as:

Body wrap: how does it work?

To achieve this technique, we start with a scrub. Then apply a thick layer of cream with slimming properties or a homemade mixture on the targeted part of the body. To do this, the skin must be clean and dry. The choice of product is important for this process. It is therefore necessary to select it before applying it to the areas of the body because the types of wrap have different effects. The product must be allowed to penetrate the skin. During its application, it is therefore important to rub and massage the part of the body to be refined.

Once this step is completed, it is sufficient to cover the belly, for example, with cling film. For this, it is necessary to make many turns to have several layers of cellophane. The body wrap must be kept for at least 45 minutes and can be put on for up to an hour. When the time is up, remove the wrap and rinse the treated area with cool or lukewarm water, then moisturize the skin. After performing this method, be sure to hydrate yourself and drink about two liters of water. This can be repeated a few times a week.

Body wrap: what are the miracle effects promised by this technique?

The product and cellophane combination would penetrate different layers of the skin and cause the opening of the pores, the acceleration of sweating and the elimination of toxins. This phenomenon would burn fat cells and make it possible to lose a few centimeters thanks to water loss. At the end of this process, the skin is toned, smoother and firm. Another effect: the wrap in the form of care would act on water retention and relieve the person who uses it. The wrap, which looks like a mask, would also gradually remove the cellulite and “lift” the orange peel.

Is the body wrap really effective?

Packaged is not weighed with the body wrap. The results of this slimming process are not long term. The loss of centimeters and the refinement of the targeted area are only temporary. The targeted part of the body is thinned after the body wrap, because the person has lost a significant amount of water by sweating. On the other hand, after a few hours the effect fades because the person will rehydrate. The lost centimeters will therefore be taken back. The body wrap is thus effective in the short term. Clearly, you should not expect a miracle result and rely on this method to refine a part of your body over a long period.

The American Youtuber Nicole Skyes tested this technique in 2015. She said that the body wrap has slightly refined her belly. But, he returned to form after a few hours and glasses of water. According to Nicole Skyes, it would be necessary to do abdominal sessions or sports to perfect the results.

A study, published on the American National Institute National Center for Biotechnology in 2013, found that the body wrap combined with aerobic exercise was effective in reducing abdominal fat. To draw this conclusion, the researchers randomly assigned 19 women to two different groups. In the first, the women performed aerobic exercises and wore the body wrap. In the second, called “control group”, they only played sports. Visceral and subcutaneous fat was measured using ultrasound and was also estimated by analyzing skin folds and abdominal perimeters.

At the end of the protocol, a significant decrease in subcutaneous fat was observed in the first group which combined body wrap and exercises. Women have lost a significant amount of subcutaneous fat under the navel. Same observation at the level of the abdominal skin fold. By comparing the initial and final data from each team, the researchers noticed that the women in the first group lost more abdominal fat than those in the second.

What are the dangers of body wrap?

This method stimulates sweating. The body thus loses a lot of water when it is made. A phenomenon that can lead to dehydration. This is why it is necessary to hydrate well after the body wrap. Another danger: if the cellophane is too tight, it can cut blood circulation and cause dizziness. So it is better not to be compressed in it. It is also not recommended to wear the wrap if the outside or inside heat is high because the person can get heatstroke and feel unwell.

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