Am I in love with burn out? The 5 symptoms

Suis-je en burn out amoureux ? Les 5 symptômes

Burn out is burnout. Burnout in love is exhaustion in love (thank you logic). Whether you are single or in a relationship, it may be that love is no longer a pleasure. Too much waiting, research, hope, concessions, sorrow … We are tired. But how do you distinguish a simple fed-up from a romantic burnout? Answers.

Right now, love is driving you crazy. But not in the best sense of the word. Maybe your story is floundering (it happens), maybe your celibacy is eating you up (it happens too). You can feel that something is wrong and that your love troubles are taking up more and more space. You are tired of solving the concerns of your couple, of looking for solutions to flourish, of swiper on apps and chaining disappointing dates … A burnout in love, madam? Overview of symptoms and ways to put things into perspective.

Lack of self-confidence

First symptom: your confidence in you flirts with the ground. As love becomes problematic, you question EVERYTHING, not just your relationship (or celibacy). Each area of ​​life takes its grade: you are convinced that you are zero at work, that you have huge buttocks, toxic friends, a badly appointed apartment, ridiculous habits (you say LOL, so what?) .. The love you have for yourself is sought, since you are certain that you are entirely responsible for your romantic failures.

You have 5 hours : and if, in love, there were always two of us? In love or guilty…

Hello cynicism

You get bad. A bit like your aunt Josette, the most embittered lady on Earth (but gentle with her cats). In short, love comes out through your nose holes. A friend tells you about her last date? You warn her: romantic relationships, these days, no longer exist. A man compliments you? He lies. Besides, all men fear, all men practice the ghosting, all men are unfaithful. There you go, you become cynical.

You have 5 hours : finish like aunt Josette, is this a viable and fulfilling future plan?

What indecision

Nothing is obvious anymore. Sending a text message becomes very complicated: do I do it or not? And what do I say? Whether you live in a solid or wobbly relationship, you hesitate constantly. You are afraid of making the wrong choices, as if you are playing your life at all times. You are no longer connected to your deep desires and think (for hours) for the sole purpose of saving your skin and your love life. In your eyes, each action is decisive, so that you no longer manage to venture in any direction. You don’t move anymore (but you tremble).

You have 5 hours : and if we stopped thinking about “what to do” and think about “what we want to do”?

Flagrant offense of impatience

Before (it was good, before), you didn’t feel any urgency. Was something wrong with your story? You took the time to analyze the situation (with or without girlfriends), draw conclusions and discuss with your guy or suitor. Now you get upset for nothing and go for the heap neither one nor two. Your love life has turned into a mountain of anger, a storm, a flying plate.

You have 5 hours : what do you want that doesn’t deserve to wait?

Life in black

You have become negative. You never meet anyone again (you could put your hand to cut it) (but not so quickly). Or again, you say to yourself: he will eventually leave me, I will never manage to leave him, I will never make love again … Your romantic decor turns black and you have no hope (RIP Johnny) . You lost that little thing that made you want to get up in the morning. The simple idea of ​​imagining that new butterflies were watching you somewhere was spinning your potato. But there … well no.

You have 5 hours : wouldn’t butterflies be forever?

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