A simple and effective tip to promote weight loss

A simple and effective tip to promote weight loss

Intensive sports program, drastic diet … To lose weight, you’ve tried everything, but nothing helps. What if you leave these extreme solutions aside for a simple and effective tip? As surprising as it may seem, keeping a diary of your diet would help you get back in shape!

The diary, a solution for losing weight

This is demonstrated by a study published in the journal Obesity. To do this, the researchers followed 142 overweight or obese volunteers who participated in an online weight loss program for 24 weeks. On the menu ? Low-calorie food, group meetings, goal setting, sport, but also self-monitoring.

Participants therefore had to connect to a website to record their daily food consumption. The researchers found that the participants who lost the most weight did not spend more time recording what they ate than the others.

On the other hand, they went more often to the website on which they recorded their consumption. Volunteers who had lost at least 10% of their original weight after 6 months had logged on average 2.7 times a day, compared to 1.7 times for participants who had lost less than 10% their weight.

But that’s not all: those who lost at least 10% of their weight recorded their food consumption more than 20 days per month, compared to only 11 days for those who lost less than 10% of their weight.

Logbook: the golden rules

Keeping a diary of your diet would therefore have a real impact on weight loss! But for this tip to really bear fruit, there are a few golden rules, as explained by Florent Foucaut, dietitian-nutritionist in Paris:

  • Be followed by a nutrition professional;
  • Record everything we eat and what we drink, specifying the quantities, but without writing the number of calories or the weight of each serving;
  • Note all the nibbles and the moments when the feeling of hunger is present, even if they are not followed by deviations;
  • Write the sports sessions performed;
  • Be meticulous and regular in keeping your food diary;
  • Do not feed this logbook for more than three weeks, to avoid falling into weariness and obsession.

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