8 good reasons to give a bottle

8 bonnes raisons de donner le biberon

Do you hesitate to give the bottle because we keep telling you all the benefits of breastfeeding? Here are 8 reasons to be tempted.

  • Industrial milk is quality milk.

Artificial milk does not have all the properties of breast milk which is indisputably superior to it, but its composition is now perfectly adapted to the infant.“says Professor Patrick Tounian, pediatric nutritionist.

  • The benefits of breast milk on disease prevention have not been scientifically proven.

Among all the studies which have tried to show a superiority of breast milk over industrial milk concerning the prevention of certain diseases (obesity, cardiovascular illnesses, high blood pressure…), none is scientifically valid because it would be necessary to proceed by randomization (study carried out on patients chosen at random). This method is ethically impossible, the results are therefore biased. What is certain is that breastfeeding does not prevent obesity. However, it probably warns gastroenteritis, ENT infections and food allergy, but no study on the subject can formally certify it“, assures Professor Tounian.

  • The alimentary consommation of baby is quantifiable.

With a bottle, it is easier to see how much is absorbed by your child. There is no possible doubt.

  • The food diversification is easier.

Food diversification is easier with the bottle because it is enough to add a spoon of puree in the milk“, says the specialist.

A bottle specially designed for infants. © NUK
  • Dad’s involvement is possible.

The bottle allows the dad to share the feeding of his child, which is not possible with breastfeeding“, explains Professor Patrick Tounian.

  • The chest is in great shape.

Breastfeeding can cause pain, sometimes cracks or unexpected spurts of milk. Completely overwhelming concerns though annoying.

  • The ideal solution for modest.

Indeed, there is no need to show part of your privacy to give the bottle. That said, there is a wide choice of clothing specially designed for breastfeeding moms and which allow nursing in total discretion.

A mother who does not want to breastfeed has her reasons. These are surely valid and forcing her to breastfeed could be worse than not breastfeeding. Better breastfeeding than mom wants rather than unwanted breastfeeding“, maintains the doctor.

Corrigendum (02/24/2017) – This article was published in 2012. Today, Professor Tounian specifies that he is not responsible for the title and that he no longer shares the position suggested by the journalist when writing this article there. at 5. He would like to assert that breastfeeding is indisputably better than the bottle and there is no reason to justify preferring infant formulas to mother’s milk. Nevertheless, he adds, a mother who does not wish to breastfeed should not be made to feel guilty, and it was in this sense that he had provided the answers that appear in this article.

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