Flat Belly

5 homemade workouts for a flat stomach

5 entraînements maison pour un ventre plat

Abdominal relaxation, love handles: discover these 5 flat stomach exercises to reproduce at home to lose belly.

Have a flat belly is the dream of many of us. To chase the beads and display abs in concrete, you have to adopt a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly. Good news, for that, no need to go sweat at the gym. In the comfort of your living room, with little or no equipment at all, it is possible to train with simple and effective exercises.

1. Bending of the bust

© Edhar Yuralaits

Position: Standing, feet three feet apart, one flexible arm along the body and the other arched above the head.

Movement : Tilt the chest to one side, pushing your hand as low as possible.

Duration of the sequence: Hold the position for 6 deep breaths and exhalations and straighten the bust with the help of the obliques. Perform 2 sets of 15 movements on each side.

advice : Do not tilt your upper body forward or backward. You should feel the stretch at the waist, on the side opposite to the flexion.

2. Winding

© Andrii Kobryn

Position : Lying on your back, arms outstretched, hands flat, arms aligned with the shoulders.

Movement : Bend your legs, feet crossed. Contract the belly muscles and bring the knees closer to the chest. Lift your lower back, block your breath and hold for 10 seconds. Unwind slowly and try again.

Duration of the sequence : 3 series of 8 to 10 movements.

Advice : Dig the belly on inspiration to press the lumbar to the ground. Be sure to keep your head straight.

3. Pedal boat

© Andrii Kobryn

Position : Back pressed to the ground, nape placed on the hands, elbows outwards.

Movement : Bend your knees, raise your legs to form a 90 ° angle with the pelvis.

Contract the stomach muscles and pedal, stretching your legs far ahead, one after the other.

Duration of the sequence : 2 or 3 series of 10 to 12 movements.

advice : Dig the belly to press the lumbar on the ground and avoid moving the buttocks. The pace should be slow and steady.

4. Rotation of the bust

© ammentorp

Position : On your knees, bust straight, stretch your arms out to the sides to bring them up to shoulder level.

Movement : Turn the top of the bust on the right side and direct the right hand towards the left heel without touching it. Bring the upper body back using the abdominals and continue by changing sides.

Duration of the sequence : 2 or 3 sets of 6 movements on each side.

advice : Contract the abdominals, keeping the pelvis facing forward. Be careful not to dig the lower back area.

5. Survey of the bust

© ammentorp

Position : Back flat, heels on the ground and toes raised, hands crossed behind the neck.

Movement : Slightly lift your chin, contract your stomach muscles and lift your shoulders. Hold the position for as long as possible. Put your shoulders on the ground and relax the muscles before contracting again.
Duration of the sequence : 3 sets of 8 movements.

advice : Extend your arms wide, breathe in and out regularly and deeply through your nose.

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