11 identified gender figures: who is yours?

11 personnalité sexuelles identifiées : quelle est la vôtre ?

Rather generous, adventurous or epicurean? Spiritual, passionate or romantic? A sex therapist has set up a classification based on our sexual preferences in order to understand what they reveal about our personality and our relationship within the couple …

11 & nbsp; personality & oacute; Sexual Identified: What is Yours & nbsp ;?
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We knew about personality tests in magazines, where it was enough to respond with a smile to a series of questions to know what our subconscious was hiding from us … Sex therapist Vanessa Marin was inspired by this kind of test to perform a classification sexual personalities!
Thanks to these 15 years of work and a survey carried out on social networks to ensure that no profile has been forgotten, she has revealed 11 types of sexual personalities.
The specialist points out that there is nothing scientific about this work and that these results should therefore not be taken literally. Which is all the more gratifying!
We can never perfectly distribute the entire population in boxes, but it can be interesting to look for common points in each other’s experiences “, explains Vanessa Marin to Huffington Post. She also adds that “It is important to know what we are looking for in a partner or in a relationship, we must identify what we want sexually”.
The purpose of this classification is therefore to help couples to develop sexually. and to resume dialogue.

  • The “stress relievers” : If for you, “sex” rhymes with “romp”, you belong to this category. As Vanessa Marin says on her blog, “your desire for sex can aim to relieve tensions, or you simply revel in this moment of intense well-being that follows orgasm. Your partner can also blame you for not being present enough, because you are too focused on the end. ” Learn to stay tuned to your partner.
  • Explorers : “You are ready to try new things, even if you are not sure you like it. If the experience is not conclusive, you are able to laugh about it “, writes the therapist. The Indiana Jones of the mattress, therefore!
  • Fair Trade Fans : “You want your partner likes to give as much as you enjoy receiving, and vice versa. If your partner seems to be somewhere else during intercourse, you tend to ask yourself questions, which prevents you from enjoying the experience. This can sometimes be painful for your spouse. “
  • The generous: Your partner’s sexual experience is at least as important as yours, if not more. You are very attentive to what the other person is feeling, and you are happy to know that you can please him. Being the center of attention or just receiving without immediate reciprocity can make you uncomfortable. “
  • The gardians : “You like to feel that sense of security that binds you to your partner. Respect for limits is dear to you, as is enthusiastic consent.”
  • The passionates : “During sex, you are very attentive to the energy that envelops you both. You like to let go and get lost in the moment. The best for you is when time seems to stop. ” Intense, raw, even beastly sex on the menu …
  • Epicureans: “All these personalities can even disturb you, because you think that sex is only one of the simple pleasures of life. You like physical contact All day long.”
  • Those who have a sense of priorities:“Your sex life is important to you, you want to devote time to it and make sacrifices. You like frequent intercourse. You can even enjoy a certain routine in this matter.”
  • The romantics:“Romantics and epicureans are quite similar, but the former need some emotional intimacy with their partner. Hitting one night isn’t their thing.”
  • Spirituals:“For you, sex must be a transcendent experience. Sex is more important than what is going on inside you. You practice a religion or are a follower of oriental philosophies like Tantrism. For some spiritual people, the religious bond can pose some difficulties. Your religion may follow codes that you don’t fully adhere to or that embarrass you. “
  • Those who like thrills: “Sexual power games can attract you, like letting your partner dominate you, and vice versa. Explorers love to explore. You like taboos. “

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