10 tips to achieve vaginal orgasm

10 conseils pour atteindre l

If many women experience clitoral orgasm and reach it quickly, pleasure in penetration is more difficult to meet. Without pressure, follow the advice of our sexologist Alexandra Hubin to approach vaginal orgasm and discover mountains never climbed before.

If some of you already know very well how to have fun, others wonder if they have already experienced ecstasy or just have trouble reach orgasm with their partner …. Here are 10 tips for a guaranteed thrill.

I desecrate orgasm

Orgasm is good, it’s good, but that’s not all! Having fun is not just about enjoying. You can enjoy fireworks without a final bouquet and a large cake without cherry. Give less importance toOrgasm living sex to the full is the best way to welcome it. If we consider it a sacred goal, we quickly catch our feet in the carpet. You want them up in the air, don’t you?

I live “ass”

The brain plays a vital role in bed. So why not give it material? To live “ass” is to feed on erotic readings, to talk sex with your friends, to watch porn movies and to entertain your fantasies. So, during the act, our imagination is increased tenfold and our brains release the famous pleasure hormones more: dopamine and serotonin. The more there are, the more you climb!

I do what i want

For reach orgasm, it’s important to have sex as you want. If we prefer to keep our dress or socks because it excites us, we are free. You choose your hair removal, minimal or bushy, to make love in the dark or close, and you remain a missionary if you are not in the mood to turn around. There is no ideal way to reach orgasm, but there is your preferred way.

I masturbate

Masturbating allows you to know your body, to understand where your pleasure is and what caresses denude it. By taming it, you multiply your chances of having an orgasm. In the shower, with a sex toy, in front of a mirror… we explore her vagina. And even if it is difficult to speak of instructions, it must be recognized that once you have it, it is easier to enjoy thanks to penetration.

I’m having sex with my G-spot

The G-spot would be one of the secrets of itvaginal orgasm. This small area in the vagina, if stimulated by small pressures, promises an explosion. It would be located two large centimeters from the entrance to the vagina, recognizable because it is slightly bulging and with a more rough lining. So let’s go looking for him, alone or in pairs, with his fingers or the right accessories, preferably being excited. However, zero stress: the entire vaginal wall is sensitive and turning around its G-spot without identifying it still provides real pleasure. We can very well find its point A or its point B. After all, each its points.

I tone my perineum

A muscular perineum promises more pleasure. It’s simple: the perineum “surrounds” the vagina. The more toned it is, the narrower the vagina will be and the sensations will be increased tenfold. For maximum effect during penetration, you move your pelvis forward by contracting your perineum to feel slight vaginal pressure. Because pleasure comes from pressure, less friction. A toned perineum is also very pleasant for those gentlemen who feel tighter during penetration.

I’m breathing heavily

A body that breathes properly is a body that relaxes. You know it: we advise you all the time to breathe well so as not to give in to a panic situation or to fall asleep faster. In the same way, breathing is an asset to reach orgasm. It helps the body to let go. In summary: we fly away thanks to abdominal breathing.

I opt for the Andromache position

Unless you don’t want to at the moment, we prefer the Andromache position: us over him. We can manage the comings and goings and better feel the magic that arises in our vagina. In addition, the stimulation of the clitoris being at its best in this position, we are more and more excited. Because yes, the Andromache position creates a double stimulation and it is the foot: we get used to feeling pleasure during penetration and this is how we approach itvaginal orgasm.

I don’t think anymore

Making love to the hassle full head holds orgasm. Yes, you will pay your bills, you will advance your work and you will remember Safely. But you will do it tomorrow. For now, surrender! Anyway, once in the act, there is no point in thinking about what you have to manage: legs in the air, you will not succeed. So let go and clear your mind.

I communicate with my partner

Speak, speak, speak. Whether outside of relationships, to share your fantasies, your desires, what you like and dislike, or whether it is during the act to guide the other and show him the way. Exchange, discuss, it’s a good reflex, a habit to take on if it looks like you. TheOrgasm is sharing and holding hands to get it is multiplying your chances of finding the right catch.

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