10 foods to lose belly fat

10 foods to lose belly fat

Losing your abdominal fat is not an easy task: if certain foods can be slimming allies, this is part of a more global approach, based on a healthy lifestyle and good habits to adopt. For Nina Cohen-Koubi, nutritionist doctor, there are 7 watchwords:

Water : as we know, it is advisable to drink 1.5 liters of water per day. The ideal? Drink two large glasses of water in the morning on an empty stomach and repeat this gesture 20 minutes before each meal. An effective method to avoid overeating at the table!

Microbiota : the tens of billions of bacteria located in our intestine are essential for the proper functioning of our organism and constitute our microbiota. In order to avoid disturbances, we take care of it! For this, we eat vegetables with each meal, and we avoid consuming too much red meat.

Insulin : to avoid insulin spikes, which promote the storage of fat, we limit the consumption of industrial products such as fruit juices, cookies, candies, sugars of all kinds and white flour.

Consciousness : to avoid overeating, eating mindfully is recommended. To achieve this, you sit up at the table, put your fork after each bite to take the time to chew and eat far from any disturbing element (television, phone, tablet …)

Unconscious : our unconscious has a share of responsibility in the way we eat. For example, some people fill a gap with food. Before going to the table, we take stock of our emotions of the day and we chase negative thoughts.

Sport : having physical activity before eating is beneficial. And for good reason: the body is warm, the blood circulation is stimulated and food is better assimilated.

Leptin : when you are overweight, this satiety hormone is blocked. To activate leptin and lose weight, we opt for a snack at 10:30 a.m. and 5 p.m., which amounts to eating every three hours. Choice of: dairy or fruit.

Associated with these daily slimming reflexes, certain foods can give us a little boost to lose weight: discover these special flat stomach foods

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